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AL MIRQAB Yacht – Stunning $300 Million Superyacht

The AL MIRQAB yacht is owned by Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani.

He commissioned AL MIRQAB, delivered in 2008 from the German shipyard Kusch Yachts and designed by Winch Design, a UK-based design company.

The AL MIRQAB yacht blazed a trail in yacht building trends at the time of its construction because of the numerous large-scale amenities included in its structure.

Name:Al Mirqab
Length:133 metres
Builder:Peter Werft
Designer:Tim Heywood
Interior Designer:Andrew Winch Design
Speed:18 knots
Volume:9,604 ton
Price:US $300 million
Annual Running Cost:US $20 – 30 million
Owner:Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani

AL MIRQAB yacht interior

The AL MIRQAB yacht was designed by Winch Design to reflect a perfect cross between a Bentley and the Starship Enterprise, with its palatial family-orientated interior.

She accommodates 55 crew members and 18 guests.

A wide variety of amenities makes this yacht a trailblazer of design.

There is an internal swimming pool with balconies, a large gym, a sauna, and a hairdressing salon.

A notable feature of AL MIRQAB is the underwater viewing room, forward of the pool.

This yacht feature is a family favorite with its pirate’s theme design.

The deck salon has a terrace feel with fountains and casual seating around the sculpture as a centrepiece.


The exterior was designed by Tim Heywood Design, with permanent cantilevered sun wings.

The helicopter pad is fitted with a refueling station that was a first when it was built.

The aft was developed from other projects with additional entertaining and relaxation spaces which delivers a stately arrival and departure for the yacht’s guests.

The steel hull is paired with underwater lights that were a first when it was built.


The mast that towers above the yacht’s superstructure is shaped like a funnel so that the fumes from the engines do not affect guests.

The family lounge is designed to reflect butterflies with a gentle and relaxing concept.

The construction was executed by Kusch Yachts at their shipyard based in Germany.

The design was developed in 2008 with Peters Werft leading the team.

AL MIRQAB is the biggest yacht Kusch Yachts have built at its impressive length of 133m(436.3 ft).

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AL MIRQAB is 133m(436.3 ft) in length, with a 19m(62.3ft) beam. She displaces 9604GT and has a max speed of 23kn with her five diesel-electric Wartsila engines.

Her cruising speed is sustained at 21kn. She is one of the largest superyachts in the world.

The at anchor stabilizers give a significant amount of comfort to the guests during their experience on the yacht. AL MIRQAB yacht has an annual $20 – $30 million running cost.

Al Mirqab Yacht Owner

The owner of AL MIRQAB is Qatar’s former prime minister between 2007-2013, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani.

He also served as a foreign minister between 1992-2013.

He has a net worth of over $1 billion and continues as a politician.

He is a part of the royal family as his great uncle founded modern Qatar in 1971, and he is a cousin to the current Emir.

The most significant part of his wealth is held in his 3% share of Deutsche Bank.

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