AL RAYA Yacht – King of Bahrain’s $250M Superyacht

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Name:Al Raya
Length:110 metres (360ft)
Guests:16 in 8 cabins
Crew:47 in 28 cabins
Designer:Tim Heywood
Interior Designer:Alberto Pinto
Speed:21 knots
Volume: 5,148 ton
Price:US $250 million
Annual Running Cost:US $15 – 25 million
Owner:King of Bahrain

Al Raya Yacht

Al Raya is a superyacht that was launched in 2008 in Germany. She was carefully built by Lurssen Shipyard. The exterior of the beautiful vessel was designed by Tim Heywood whereas the interior was designed by Alberto Pinto. Al Raya was built with solid metals, including steel and aluminium. Her major features include a huge pool and a cinema, sauna / steam room, a massage room as well as a hospital. Also, the deck of this beautiful yacht boasts a large office and a conference room. Al Raya is one of the biggest yachts in the world and is at the top of its game when it comes to yachts of this calibre.

The luxury 110 meters long yacht can accommodate 16 people and a crew of 47. She also boasts 36 cabins, 8 of which is for guests while the remaining 28 is for the crew members. The magnificent yacht whose volume is 5,148 is powered by MTU engines can reach speeds of 21 knots with a cruise speed of 18.2 kn.

Al Raya is owned by the King of Bahrain and her running cost is estimated at between 15 and 25 million US dollars annually. The vessel is highly durable, safe, and all shades of luxurious.

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