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ALBERTO PINTO Yachts – World Class Interior Design

Alberto Pinto followed a somewhat unconventional path to interior, and more precisely, yacht design.

But he would eventually find his spot as a proficient designer and leave a lasting legacy in the industry.

Yacht Designer:Pinto Design
Founder:Alberto Pinto
CEO:Linda Pinto

Brief History

Instead of formal training in design, Alberto Pinto studied at the École du Louvre: an institution that’s focused on the study of anthropology, art history, archaeology, and epigraphy.

Although this would eventually serve him as a yacht designer, it would take a little while.

First, he tried his hands at photography and had some success in this field. His agency in New York was focused on interior design and photography.

After some time, he decided to change jobs. Naturally, he switched to interior design for a variety of skyscrapers.

He employed everything from the palatial and classic Baroque to minimalist design to wow his clients who needed their homes and hotels beautified. Soon, he was creating the interior design for private jets and luxury yachts.

Alberto Pinto passed on in 2012, and the decision to close up shop or keep his studio operational fell to his sister, Linda Pinto.

She chose to do the latter, and Pinto Design continues to design awe-inspiring luxury superyachts.

Notable Launches

Alberto Pinto the interior of the award-winning, 82-m Alfa Nero and the 72-m Axioma (formerly Red Square).

In Summary

Although run by a small team of 60 people, very few studios can successfully compete with Pinto Design.

While they still design the interiors of palaces and company buildings, their award-winning yachts identify them as a force to be reckoned with in the yachting industry.

Designed By Alberto Pinto

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