AMETHYSTE – Elena Nappi’s Epic Yacht Concept

Amethyste is a groundbreaking research outcome that integrates the allure of underwater tourism transportation with the luxury yacht leisure sector while fostering social awareness of eco-friendly practices and respect for marine ecosystems through innovative sailing experiences and zero-emission hybrid engines.

The name Amethyste conveys its ethereal essence and transcends conventional yachts, continually evolving in form, aspects, and functionality. It represents an untold fairytale, an emotion invoking primal nature, a multisensory experience, and a cherished gem.

External 3

Designed to reflect the dreamlike nature of its occupants and onlookers, the play of light and sculptural surfaces organically integrates into the marine environment.

A trailblazer in its class, the boat features a never-before-seen hull design that, for the first time, incorporates a genuine submerged luxury living space within a yacht.

The completely submerged hull offers cabins with awe-inspiring underwater vistas. As such, the concept boat can be considered the pioneer of a new typology.

From a design perspective, the angularity of the stone is expressed through lines and guidelines that visually connect various parts of the ship.

External 5

Simultaneously, this angularity is balanced by organic and fluid volumes, culminating in a yacht with a superstructure comprised of two contrasting glossy and opaque blocks, enveloped by stone cladding.

Volume-wise, the aim was to create a purple platform over shallow waters, providing passengers with the sensation of floating on the sea surface when on the main deck, while offering a distinct underwater experience for those on the lower bridge.

External 7

As a result, the boat’s volume predominantly extends below the water’s surface.

The boat features a novel layout due to its deep displacement hull with a tapered shape. With a displacement of approximately 800 tons and significant shape stability, the boat’s spaces are entirely submerged beneath the water’s surface.

lower deck

The unique hull shape enables real floating platforms on the surface with vast open spaces floating on water, while the internal spaces below sea level provide stunning underwater views and serene relaxation environments.

Owing to the boat’s “special vision,” the layouts of the various decks are nearly inverted compared to traditional yachts. The decks are distributed as follows, from top to bottom:

lower deck 2
  • UPPER DECK: Houses the control cabin and primarily owner-centric spaces, including the sleeping cabin with a private saloon and aft sun deck.
  • MAIN DECK: Contains the central main saloon, which extends outdoors due to two foldable side platforms, as well as crew areas, including sleeping cabins and living spaces.
  • LOWER DECK: One of the most intriguing decks, featuring guest sleeping cabins and relaxation areas with underwater views.

Formally, an effort was made to visually distinguish between the upper (opaque) and lower (glazed) superstructures using innovative blackout LCD electric adhesive films.

lower deck 4

When placed on windows, these films can be turned on and off, transforming transparent surfaces into white opaque surfaces when the boat is stationary or increased privacy is desired.

The recurring element is the amethyst purple color dominating the entire project, from the lights illuminating the owner’s spaces through the rooftop crystals to the underwater areas and the synthetic teak covering of the main deck, asserting its modernity and departure from traditional designs.

main deck 2

The distinctive shape was derived from a comparative and functional analysis between yachts measuring 40-50 meters and semi-submersible tourist boats commonly used in coastal tourist areas.

This analysis determined the necessary onboard spaces for a vessel of this type.

main deck

The initial phase involved setting dimensional constraints, determining length, and using statistical diagrams to establish the first approximation displacement, space distribution, project dimensions, hull shape, and propulsion estimates.

The boat is powered by a Hydropack Hybrid Diesel Engine 132 [KW] | Electric Motor 32 [KW], combining the advantages of a diesel engine (speed, power, and wide range) and an electric motor (zero emissions, noise reduction, and minimized wave movement) in a single propulsion system.

main deck 3

The vessel can seamlessly switch between modes while in motion, allowing passage through marine protected areas without negatively impacting the environment.

When cruising using the traditional diesel engine, the electric motor generates electricity, eliminating the need for dockside charging downtime.

An essential feature is an option to use plant-based “Matrol-BI” fuel during the Diesel phase. In case of accidental spills, MATROL-BI biodegrades within a few days, leaving no trace behind.

main deck 4

Technical Specifications: LOA: 52 m Overall width: 8.4 m ∆: 800 t Draft: 5.3 m Full Speed: 8 knots Passengers: 18 (10 Guests + 8 Crew)

Amethyste is a revolutionary yacht that combines luxury with an environmentally friendly approach, offering an unmatched sailing experience.

main deck 5

With its unique design, innovative features, and commitment to sustainability, Amethyste is poised to redefine the luxury yacht market and transform the way we perceive marine transportation.

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