AQUILA Yacht – Ann Walton Kroenke’s Stunning $150M Superyacht

aquila yacht front shot
Length:85 m (281 ft)
Guests:14 in 7 cabins
Crew:26 in 12 cabins
Designer:Tim Heywood Design
Interior Designer:Redman Whiteley Dixon
Speed:17 knots
Volume:2,998 ton
Price:US $150 million
Annual Running Cost:US $10 – 15 million
Owner:Ann Walton Kroenke

Aquila Yacht

One of the fanciest means to travel on the water is by using yachts. Over the years, they have graciously earned and embodied the title “home away from home” for overly wealthy individuals in the world. Yachts have also gone from being luxurious abodes to investment channels. They can serve as a spot for entertainment purposes or great getaway locations for families/groups of persons looking to go on an adventure. 

One such yacht is Ann Walton Kroenke’s superyacht—launched in 2010—known as AQUILA. Although owned by Ann Walton Kroenke, this luxury yacht (which is 281 feet long) was manufactured by one of the well-known yacht shipbuilders, Derecktor. Apart from being among the global top 10 luxury yachts, Ann Walton Kroenke’s AQUILA is a haven with conducive rooms for up to 14 guests in 7 different cabins and 26 crew members in 12 cabins onboard.

It is also aesthetically pleasing: The design was done by Tim Heywood Design while Redman Whiteley Dixon handled the interior design. Safe to say that every part of Aquila (from the exterior to the interior) screams, “Wealth.” AQUILA is currently worth $150 million, and its annual running cost is around $10–15 million. It speeds up to 17 knots, weighs 2,998 tons, and is motorized by MTU engines. 

While owning a yacht might be a discussion meant for the wealthy only, anyone can experience the luxury and excitement that comes with being on a yacht by renting one. Yacht rental does not require a long-term commitment, so you can cruise on one without breaking the bank. However, the cost of renting a luxury yacht varies, and some factors, such as the location, type, size of the vessel, its owner, insurance, and how much you are willing to spare may determine your choice.

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    Images via Raphael Belly

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