Argentinian Millionaire – Mauricio Filiberti

attila yacht back
Name:Mauricio Filiberti
Worth:$300 Million
Source of Wealth:Transclor

Argentinian millionaire Mauricio Filiberti was born in 1949 and is the founder of Transclor. The company produces water purification chemicals, and has been serving the Argentinian state for over 40 years. During all those years, Transclor has had the monopoly on supplying these chemicals in the country of Argentina. In fact, some people call Mauricio Filiberti ‘Mister Chlorine’.

 Not too long ago Filiberti decided to diversify his business, and bought shares in the company Edenor with two other entrepreneurs. They own 51% of the company. This has made headlines, since they acquired their shares at a bargain price. They put 13 million dollars into the venture, in order to take control of the company.

Mauricio Filiberti also has invested 30 million US dollars in a Swedish technology that is used to decant non-organic matter in the water.

Filiberti is married to Camilla Pitana and he has a son, Nicholas Filiberti, who used to be a racecar driver. Mauricio Filiberti is said to have a net worth of 300 million US dollars.

The megayacht, Attila, is said to be his most prized possession. The 64 metre (209,11 ft) yacht often hosts international business men, where they can enjoy her luxury. He also used to own a sports car, a Ferrari, that he sold for approximately 380,000 dollars to real estate developer Carlos Morinari.

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