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ARTEFACT Yacht – Stunning $150M Superyacht

Built-in 2020 by Nobiskrug, ARTEFACT yacht is an incredibly unique and innovative yacht that has taken over the boating industry.

The technology used in this 80-meter-long yacht has created an environmentally conscious ship, earning it multiple awards including Motor Yacht of the year 2021. 

Length:80 metres
Designer:Gregory C. Marshall
Exterior Designer:Reymond Langton
Speed:15 knots
Volume:2,990 ton

ARTEFACT yacht background

Although ARTEFACT was the creation of a family’s dream, the driving forces behind this groundbreaking technology were Mike Lazardis and Captain Clark.

This engineer and yacht captain worked together to combine their engineering knowledge and insight of the ocean.

They knew the ARTEFACT yacht needed to be something exceptional, while maintaining that home-like feel the family was seeking.


The ARTEFACT yacht reaches a max speed of 17.5 knots with a range of over 6,000 nautical miles and is powered by 2 Caterpillar engines.

It is quite large and can hold about 12 guests and 24 crew members. 

ARTEFACT includes solar panels and a large battery storage system to prevent the constant use of internal combustion engines.

This allows the yacht to move quietly so as to not disturb marine life.

It also does not need to drop an anchor to hold position lessening any damage to the sea floor.

Even the water used on the ship does not go to waste – any wastewater is recycled and used later as technical water.

These may seem like simple changes, but they make a significant impact on lessening the environmental effects that most yachts can have. 


Designed by Gregory C. Marshall and Siamak Hariri, this spectacular structure features a futuristic look that is both gorgeous and functional.

With all of the glass used, the glass itself had to be specifically shaped in a way to minimize the transfer of vibrations and sounds that happen with glass. 

The open-space design allows passengers to get breathtaking ocean views at any spot on the ARTEFACT.

Not only will they see beautiful sunsets, but seeing more of the horizon actually helps with motion sickness.

An issue that some of the family members who own the ARTEFACT yacht ironically struggle from.


If you thought the ARTEFACT’s exterior was magnificent, wait until you see the inside!

Beautifully designed by the famous Reymond Langton, the interior has a spacious and home-like feel that makes you forget you are in the middle of the ocean.

When the ARTEFACT yacht interior was initially designed, the team built a full-sized model in an empty warehouse to physically plan out how everything would be placed.

They used construction wrap and pieces of wood to create the models of each room including the owner’s deck, the bridge, and even the special Tai Chi room. 

The ARTEFACT yacht has been sailing the waters since early 2020 when it left its home in Germany.

Its spectacular design and innovative use of technology have brought it much attention.

Many believe that its success will start a chain reaction in the yacht-building industry, creating more of a focus on environmental impact.

It will definitely be interesting to see how yachts will evolve and change with ARTEFACT as their inspiration.

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