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BAGLIETTO Yachts – Operating Since 1854

Baglietto yachts is a custom superyacht shipyard based in La Spezia, Italy, with a second location in Varazze.

The company, launched over 150 years ago, offers an Italian heritage and craftsmanship combined with innovation in the international yachting industry.

Their yachts are beautiful with sleek and stylish designs paired with innovative technology. 

Yacht Builder:Baglietto
Founder:Pietro Baglietto
Founded: 1854
Headquarters: La Spezia, Italy
CEO: Diego Michele Deprati
Turnover: $4.3 million


Pietro Baglietto founded a shipwright company in 1854. The company was based in Varazze, Italy, and still carries his name today. Pietro started the company by building small fishing boats and dinghies in his backyard.

By the 1880s, Baglietto was established as a builder of nautical leisure vessels and regatta-winning racing sailboats.

The yard had risen in popularity and was commissioned to create an elegant transport boat for Pop Leo XIII in 1988.

Six oarsmen powered the barge, but jumping onto the turn of the century, they launched their first motorboat.

Baglietto continued increasing his prowess in the yachting industry, launching the GUISEPPINA in 1906, the biggest cruising motor yacht ever built in Italy.

He set two important records at this time, the launch of the 22.6m GUISEPPINA and the world’s first hydrofoil craft prototype. 

Baglietto was led by Bernardo Baglietto from 1910 to 1051 and continued to construct diverse, innovative, and creative vessels throughout the 20th century. 

As with innovative boating companies established during WWI, business boomed. The company’s reputation for delivering fast boats exploded the business. Fast patrol boats and anti-submarine vessels were in high demand during the war. 

Pleasure vessels became a staple of the company, which also delivered racing boats. Baglietto had a selection of illustrious clientele that included King Alfonso of Spain and Giacomo Puccini with his steam-powered yacht, the CIO-CIO-San.

The M Class flybridge cruising yacht was a popular model launched during the post-WWII years, amount other popular series. 

The 1970s saw a shift from wood to aluminum for the prestigious shipping company, now led by Pietro Jr.

This shift saw the company moving up in the world of superyachts. Aluminum became a canvas for the signature Baglietto style, which includes feminine and curved lines.

The 80s were a great time as they worked with several young designers who are now legends in the luxury yachting space, including Gianni Zuccon, and Aldo Chichero, to develop innovative yachts. 

In 2012, Baglietto was acquired by The Gavin Group, a major Italian corporation that also owns Cerri Cantieri Navali (CNN).

In 2020, new top management was announced, with CEO Diego Michele Diprato coming from the CCN yard and Fabio Ermetto entering the role of CCO.

This management shift also brought a fresh focus on new models with hybrid diesel propulsion systems.  

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Notable BAGLIETTO yacht launches

The Baglietto yacht brand has produced many famous yachts in the yachting industry throughout its long history. 

Mercati collaborated with Baglietto yachts to develop the 36m ADLER, which opened the US market for Italian shipbuilders.

ADLER was powered by twin diesel powering steerable water jets, reaching top speeds of 36 knots. 

LAP 1 was the first in Baglietto’s MV 13 series, a highly customized 14 knots 13.8m sport boat. The vessel was based on a patrol boat hull and delivered to Fiat heir Lapo Elkann. 

The prestigious shipyard continues to construct yachts that turn dreams into reality and redefine prestige and innovation standards in the yachting world.

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