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BLACK LEGEND Yacht – Overmarine’s Stunning $25M Superyacht

The 50-meter BLACK LEGEND yacht was launched in 2017 by Overmarine in Italy. She is worth US$25 million and can reach speeds up to 37 knots.

Name:Black Legend
Length:50 meters
Designer:Stefano Righini Design
Interior Designer:Overmarine Group SPA
Speed:37 knots
Volume:485 ton

BLACK LEGEND yacht interior

The interior was developed by the Over Marine Design team to fit the specific needs of her owner.

Much like the exterior of the yacht, the interior features a lot of dark elements with striking red skulls as accent pieces.

The upholstery is made from dark fabrics and leather, with suede elements and exotic wood.

There are four guest cabins, including a large master, one VIP room, and two doubles. The entire interior of the BLACK LEGEND yacht is air-conditioned, and she features a state-of-the-art entertainment system.


Almost all of his vehicles and vessels are black with red skulls as a unique form of branding.

The BLACK LEGEND yacht reportedly cost her owner US $25 million with an estimated US $1 to 2 million annual running costs in addition to the sale price. 


The yacht has a length of 49.9 meters (163.9 ft), a beam of 9.2 meters (30.2 ft), and a 1.9 meters (6.9 ft) draft.

She displaces 483 tons and can reach top speeds of up to 48 knots, making her much faster than larger models. Her average cruise speeds lie at 35 knots.

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She is powered by four diesel MTU engines which provide her with a reach of up to 691 nautical miles.

Since her draft is exceptionally low she is the perfect yacht for accessing shallow areas that other larger vessels might not be able to reach.


The exterior of the BLACK LEGEND yacht was designed by Stefano Righini, an Italian naval designer specializing in superyachts. He recently passed away in October 2021.

The vessel is mainly black with some white accents and, of course, the signature red skull, which marks the left side of the bow.

Large black and red letters spell out the name on the aft, and she is decorated with a red stripe along her waterline.

The BLACK LEGEND yacht is the 12th in Overmarine’s successful Mangusta 165 series. She is also the 8th largest vessel ever built by the Italian shipyard, which was founded in 1985.

She is currently ranked number 904 on the list of largest motor yachts in the world

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