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Elena Nappi’s Futuristic Submarine-superyacht Hybrid Concept

The concept for the CARAPACE yacht is sent straight from the future.

The 78m vessel has been conceptualized to double as a submarine that can dive to 985 feet.

Elena Nappi, an Italian based naval architect, has dreamed up this futuristic vessel.

The hybrid is designed for cruising the high seas and exploring the underwater world with its marine capabilities. 

Many superyacht owners may enjoy showing their boat off on the water surface.

But there are a select few who would be willing to pay the estimated $300 million price tag to submerge beneath the ocean and buy themselves the privacy of a vessel that can disappear underwater for up to 10 days at a time.

CARAPACE yacht interior

The interior of the CARAPACE yacht has all the features that one expects from a luxury superyacht.

The vessel has on-deck entertainment areas that include a beach club and pool.

The three-level boat has several indulgent amenities that can be accessed whether the boat is above or below the water.

There is a lounge, large dining room, a bar, a spa, and a health club.

In addition to the onboard amenities, the underwater views promise to be breathtaking. 

The CARAPACE yacht designer Elena Nappi told CNN, “The world of luxury submarines is one of the last frontiers of experimentation, and perhaps the hybrid will be the language of the future.

Very often yacht owners are looking for original solutions to be able to offer their friends and their family something special, and certainly, that of a diving cruise of this type is something unprecedented in the superyacht market.”


The exterior of the CARAPACE yacht stands out amongst the traditional superyacht crowd, with organic lines meeting futuristic technology.

The light aluminum superstructure makes the exterior truly unique.

These are also the features that can be completely sealed up, allowing the vessel to submerge beneath the waves. 

Nappi believes that this submergible feature will offer guests a truly private getaway while on board.

The hybrid vessel will be able to stay underwater for up to ten days.

This privacy feature will likely appeal to business people who want an added level of secrecy for important meetings.


Nappi is designed to be powered by diesel-electric and fuel cell systems that will give the CARAPACE yacht a range of 2400 miles.

The yacht’s top speed will be 16 knots on the surface and 12 knots below the surface.

If the creation ever comes to life, the yacht hybrid will have a price tag in the hundreds of millions to achieve the futuristic design.

Elena Nappi/Solent News

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