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CARONTE – Lazzarini’s Epic Pirate Yacht Concept

Modern-day pirates can now have all the luxurious comforts they desire on the high seas with just a couple of hundred million dollars and a few years of construction time.

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Thanks to Italian shipyard and naval architecture firm Lazzarini Design, a concept superyacht named Caronte Yacht was unveiled in 2017, drawing inspiration from 17th-century pirate ships and offering all the extravagance a billionaire could desire.

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The Caronte Yacht is a 58-meter (190-foot) vessel, and while it remains in the concept stage, it is only a short distance from becoming a reality.

Lazzarini is eagerly waiting for a visionary yacht owner to build it, and it would cost approximately $200 million to construct.

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One of the Caronte Yacht’s most remarkable features is its design inspired by 17th-century pirate ships.

The bulwarks tower above the waterline and the captain’s cabin is situated in the central upper structure area, similar to those found on pirate ships.

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The structure would tower above the waterline at about 6 meters (20 feet), providing the captain with stunning views and an excellent vantage point.

Lazzarini maximizes interior space considerably by elevating the Caronte Yacht, accommodating up to 12 guests and crew, and providing ample storage space for the owner’s prized possessions, including a 2-car garage in the aft a helipad on the upper deck.

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The superyacht would also include three bedrooms and six sub cabins underwater, with impressive underwater views.

It features a large sundeck with a lounge area and an outdoor spa pool, a gym concealed in the forepeak, a large dining area for ten guests, and a diving platform that opens directly into the sea.

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Details on the type of propulsion Caronte would need, estimated range, or efficiency were not disclosed during the unveiling, but it is estimated to take two or three years to complete.

The cost to build the Caronte Yacht is estimated at $200 million, and Lazzarini’s motto is “Think about the future, never forget the past.”


This superyacht concept demonstrates how to bring the past into the modern era by putting a new spin on it, specifically by turning to 17th-century naval design for inspiration for a luxury superyacht.

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However, the feasibility of such a ship remains to be seen, as the high bulwarks could add to the interior volume of the Caronte Yacht but also make it difficult to maneuver in rough waters.

While it may be visually stunning and luxurious, one may get the vague impression that it could topple over unexpectedly, which no pirate would want, even if it can carry two cars and a private helicopter.

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