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CODECASA Yachts – Operating Since 1825

Codecasa Shipyards is one of the oldest family-run shipbuilders, tapping into almost 200 years of shipbuilding experience and prowess. The luxury builds that emerge from Codecasa define Italian luxury on the water.

The yard specializes in yachts created from steel and aluminum. The 30m to 70m vessels are launched from their shipyard in Viareggio.

Yacht Builder:Codecasa Shipbuilders
Founder:Giovanni Battista Codecasa
Founded: 1825
Headquarters: Viareggio, Italy
CEO: Fulvio Codecasa


Codecasa’s long history in shipbuilding dates back to 1825 in Viareggio when Giovanni Battista Codecasa became a shipwright. Viareggio was, and is, one of Italy’s major maritime centers.

After working in the shipbuilding industry for several years, the Codecasa’s started their own shipyard in the area in 1902.

 Sailing boats, fishing boats, and military boats were just a few of the vessels produced by the family-run business.

In the 1920s, Giovan Battista Codecasa, popularly known as Tistino and the descendant of Giovvani, undertook a massive expansion of the company.

He took over from his father, Antonio, who was only 27 at the time of establishing the shipyard. 

The Great Depression hit, but the investment Tistino had made sure the company survived the difficult times.

The shipyard showed its ability to adapt to the times and shifted production from sail and wood to power and aluminum.

Tistino’s sons, Ugo and Sandro, operated the shipbuilding company, restructuring production into small units that saw them becoming Italy’s pioneers in the steel shipbuilding industry.

The brothers were also responsible for exploiting the lucrative pleasure yacht market. 

Fulvio Codecasa, Ugo’s son, took over Codecasa in 1973 after his father’s death and continues to operate the company today.

In the following 15 years, he scaled the production of custom luxury yachts and created the three Codecasa shipyards still active today. 

Codecasa exploded in the 70s and 80s as they launched the new Cantieri Navali Ugo Codecasa in 1977. In 1982, they converted the original facility to Codecasa Due and opened another yard, Codecasa Tre 1987.

The yachts that Codecasa continued building and making larger required more production space.

And in 2011, Codecasa Shipyards started a new facility in Pisa. Fulvio is supported in the company’s management by his two daughters and their husbands. 


Codecasa is known for its distinctive Italian style and has launched several notable vessels throughout the years. 

The sleek 34.6m open motor yacht, which Fulvio named after his wife MARIA CARLA, is one of the most notable yachts the shipyard launched in 2004.

Codecasa built the MAIN Yacht for Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani in 2008. The 65m yacht is one of the largest yachts built in Italy and was largely designed by Armani himself.

Codecasa yachts are still revered as premium examples of fine Italian living on the water after almost 200 years of shipbuilding prowess. 

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