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EMBRYON Yacht- Luxury Yacht Concept from Lazzarini

Lazzarini’s Embryon is a luxurious yacht concept that combines lightweight engineering with a radical design.

The 24-meter superyacht features a transparent carbon-fiber hull, a material that is commonly used in extreme hypercars and racing boats due to its rigidity and lightweight properties.

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The use of dry carbon fiber has made the Embryon 30 percent lighter than other boats of similar size, resulting in enhanced performance.

The yacht is equipped with a diesel and hydrogen propulsion system comprising twin MAN V12 2000hp engines and one electric 1260hp engine, allowing it to reach a top speed of 65 knots.

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The Embryon is also environmentally conscious and can be configured to run on electricity or be completely hydrogen-powered.

The Embryon is a sleek and sporty superyacht that boasts luxurious amenities, including four cabins, a sunbed, and a spacious lounge area that can accommodate up to eight guests.

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The VIP and master suites make it perfect for extended journeys. The yacht’s unique design features a transparent hull that seamlessly blends traditional materials with a futuristic design.

Estimated to be priced at €6,000,000, the Embryon could be a reasonable option for those seeking an other-worldly and exotic hyper boat.

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This superyacht is the second creation from Lazzarini Design, following the 69-meter ‘Shape.’

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