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EYAL OFER – Net worth $14.7B

According to Bloomberg, Eyal Ofer is an Israeli billionaire real estate and shipping magnate with a net worth of $16.7.

He is the head of several influential companies: Ofer Global, Zodiac Group, and Global Holdings. Ofer is the owner of the superyacht OLIVIA O.

NET WORTH$14.7 billion


Ofer’s father, Sammy Ofer, was a Romanian-born Israeli shipping magnate and was Israel’s richest man during his years of influence.

He began his career in the shipping industry during his summer years, where he spent summers working in the shipping business, which included maintenance on the ships, loading cargo, and traveling to international ports. 

Once he completed his high school education, he served as an intelligence officer in the Israeli Air Force from 1967 to 1973 and moved on to study law in London.

He inherited his late father’s shipping empire in 2011 and significantly expanded the company’s holdings. Eyal’s brother Idan is also a billionaire and inherited a part of his father’s company. 

Ofer Global is in Monaco bases and active in shipping, real estate, technology, banking, and investments.

Ofer holds the 20th largest shipping fleet globally, and he was ranked number 10 on Lloyd’s List of Top 100 Most Influential People in the Shipping Industry.

Ofer owns the Manhattan properties 15 Central Park West, 1250 Broadway, and 50 United Nations Plaza through his real estate firm Global Holdings. He owns an apartment at 15 Central Park West. 

Zodiac Group is Ofer’s shipping company through which he owns and operates more than 180 ships.

The company is privately held and based in Monaco. Zodiac Group is the largest operator of vessels under the Red Ensign by tonnage. 

Ofer also holds a significant stake in the second-largest cruise company globally, Royal Caribbean Cruises

Ofer has several other interests, including energy and technology. Ofer Global’s O.G. Energy division has exploration and production interests in renewable energy with projects focused on wind, solar, and forestry.

The company is also active in oil and gas exploration and production. In 2017, Ofer launched O.G. Tech; a company focused on investing in early-growth-stage technology startups.


Ofer is the owner of a Gulfstream GIV (T7-CPX). He also owns the superyacht OLIVIA O, a $200 million vessel.


Eyal Ofer is married to Marilyn Ofer. The couple shares four children. Ofer has a contemporary and modern art collection, having inherited half of his father’s extensive collection.

The couple resides in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Ofer and his family are largely involved in philanthropy.

Ofer supports the arts, education, and cultural institutions. He makes charitable contributions through the Eyal and Marilyn Ofer Family Foundation.

He has contributed to the Tate Modern and the National Maritime Museum in the U.K., and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

He donated £10 million to support the completion of the Tate Modern. The exhibition gallery on the third floor of the modern art museum bears his name thanks to his contribution.

The space has housed works by Matisse, Picasso, and Gauguin.

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