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Feadship, which is an acronym for First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders, has certainly solidified its spot among the most sought-after luxury boat builders.

Feadship continues to deliver first-rate and often one-of-a-kind yachts across the world with a unique company structure comprising two shipyards and a naval architecture establishment.

Builder Name:First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders
Founder:De Vries, Van Lent, De Voogt
Headquarters:Haarlem, The Netherlands
CEO:Jan Bart Verkuyl (Van Lent) – Henk de Vries (De Vries)
Turnover:> $200 million

Brief History

At first, Feadship was the amalgamation of seven different establishments. They included six shipyards and a naval architecture firm, namely Van Lent, Van de Stadt, Witsen & Vis, De Vries Scheepsbouw, de Vries Lentch, Akerboom, and De Voogt Naval Architects.

This partnership had been created for marketing luxury yachts to high-end clients in the U.S. Today, however, Feadship has evolved into an in-demand yacht-building firm.

Also, there are only three parties left in the partnership: Van Lent, De Vries, and De Voogt Naval Architects.

A lot of things account for the success of Feadship. Its unwavering commitment to producing the finest superyachts is undeniably one such factor.

But there is also the fact that its clientele includes well-known figures like Roger Penske, Steve Jobs, and Jim Moran.

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Viva yacht by Feadship

FEADSHIP Shipyard Notable Launches

In 2018, Feadship built the staggering 110-m luxury yacht named Anna. The following year, they launched the award-winning 77.25-m Syzygy (now called Pi).

Pi was awarded the Boat International Design & Innovation Award for Innovation because of the groundbreaking use of glass in its design.

Having its own design and building team: De Voogt Naval Architects, Feadship offers quick delivery of custom, luxury superyachts to clients in any part of the globe. It also specializes in refits.

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