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Flavio Briatore – $200 Million Net Worth

Flavio Briatore is an Italian businessman with a net worth of $200 million. Briatore is most well known as a Formula One team manager but has been banned from motorsport for life. He was the owner of the FORCE BLUE superyacht.

NAMEFlavio Briatore
NET WORTH$200 million
SOURCE OF WEALTHBenetton Formula One


Briatore started his career by working as a restaurant manager and ski instructor. He then opened a restaurant named Tribüla, which is his nickname. It was an unsuccessful venture, and he closed it due to debt.

He later moved to Milan and worked for Finanziaria Generale Italia on the Italian Stock Exchange. He met Luciano Benetton, the founder of the Benetton clothing company.

During the 80s, he was convicted of multiple accounts of fraud. He was sentenced to multiple years in prison and lived as a fugitive in Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands, to avoid imprisonment. He was later given amnesty and ordered for rehabilitation by a Turin court in 2010.

During his fugitive status, Briatore maintained a relationship with Benetton. Briatore opened several Benetton stores in the Virgin Islands and was appointed as director of the group’s first American operations.

Thanks to a brief boom, the stores experienced massive success, and there were 800 stores by 1989 in America. Briatore, who had a cut of each franchising agreement for the stores, became very wealthy.

After competition grew thanks to too many stores in the US, Briatore cut down the number of stores and began looking for new ventures.

Benetton appointed him as the commercial director of Benetton Formula Ltd, his Formula One team.

Briatore was promoted to managing director after the team management was fired. He set to turn the team into a competitive team.

He lured up-and-coming driver Michael Schumacher from the Jordan team after his first F1 race in 1991.

Briatore saw his potential and built his team around him. The racing team was a success and won multiple races.

The Benetton team was renamed Renault F1 in 2002. Briatore was later forced to resign from his role in the team due to his involvement in race fixing. He was banned from the sport.

He was the manager of Fernando Alonso, an F1 race driver. Briatore was also the part owner and chairman of London’s Queens Park Rangers F.C.

Flavio Briatore’s NET WORTH

Briatore has reported a wealth of $200 million. He is the owner of a large flat in London.

Briatore was the owner of the FORCE BLUE yacht, but it was later confiscated in early 2021 by tax authorities. Bernie Ecclestone later bought it.


Briatore was engaged to supermodel Naomi Campbell in 1998. They were involved in an on-and-off relationship until their separation in 2003. In 2003, he began dating supermodel Heidi Klum.

The pair have a child together, Leni Klum, but split shortly after the pregnancy announcement. Briatore is not involved in his daughter’s life, “Seal is Leni’s father,” according to Klum.

In 2009, Seal (Klum’s husband at the time) adopted Briatore’s daughter, and she changed her name. In 2008, Briatore married Wonderbra model Elisabetta Gregoraci. She gave birth to their son in 2010.

Briatore founded a political party in 2019 called the Movimento del Fare. In 2020, Briatore was hospitalized for COVID but made a recovery after the illness.

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