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GOLDEN ODYSSEY Yacht – Charming $400M Superyacht

Boasting an extraordinary length of 123 meters (404 feet), the GOLDEN ODYSSEY yacht unquestionably ranks among the world’s top 49 longest superyachts. Launched in the year 2015, this grandiose sea vessel is a testament to the seamless blending of luxury, space, and top-tier service.

Its interiors comfortably accommodate 32 guests within 16 well-appointed cabins, in addition to housing 60 staff members across 30 cabins, thereby maintaining an exquisite standard of hospitality and comfort.

Name:Golden Odyssey
Length:123 m (404 ft)
Guests:32 in 16 cabins
Crew:60 in 30 cabins
Designer:Martin Francis Design
Interior Designer:Alberto Pinto
Speed: 21 knots
Volume:7,690 ton
Price:US $400 million
Annual Running Cost:US $25 – 40 million


Renowned yacht interior designer, Alberto Pinto, masterfully crafted the unique interiors of the GOLDEN ODYSSEY yacht. While the specifics of the design are kept under wraps, it is known that the yacht houses 32 guests within its 16 plush cabins.

Beyond merely accommodating guests, this yacht has been designed to provide an unmatched experience of luxury. With the capacity to host up to 50 individuals onboard, the GOLDEN ODYSSEY is equipped to handle high-end social gatherings and extensive voyages.

The yacht comes furnished with top-tier amenities including an elevator for effortless movement between decks, a chic beach club for leisurely relaxation, a state-of-the-art gym for fitness enthusiasts, and an advanced air conditioning system for optimal comfort. Additionally, the yacht houses a professional beauty salon and a calming sauna, providing an unparalleled spa-like experience amidst the ocean.

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Golden Odyssey Yacht Exterior

Martin Francis Design and his expert team are the brains behind the spectacular exterior design of the GOLDEN ODYSSEY. Striving to maintain a balance between aesthetics and performance, their design philosophy was brought to life in this yacht.

Constructed with an aluminum superstructure and a sturdy steel hull, the GOLDEN ODYSSEY is not only resilient but also embodies elegance. The Main Deck, which is solely for the owner’s use, includes two outdoor levels featuring a private owner’s deck, retractable balcony extensions, and a sundeck. These features cater to the owner’s desire for privacy, exclusivity, and luxury, offering a unique yachting experience.

Golden Odyssey Yacht Specifications

The GOLDEN ODYSSEY superyacht, with its magnificent length of 123 meters (403 ft), boasts a displacement of 7690 tonnes. Engineered for both speed and endurance, it can reach top speeds of up to 21 knots.

Powering this beast are twin MTU diesel engines, which provide an exceptional range of up to 6500 nautical miles while maintaining a cruising speed of 21 knots. This range and speed allow for long, uninterrupted voyages, expanding the horizons of luxury travel.

Operating a yacht of this caliber incurs substantial costs. Based on current estimates, the GOLDEN ODYSSEY’s annual running expenses range between $25 and $40 million. This highlights the magnitude of maintaining such a luxurious vessel.

Yet, for those who can afford it, the GOLDEN ODYSSEY promises a yachting experience that is truly unparalleled and beyond ordinary. Its blend of luxury, comfort, and sophistication sets it apart, making it a prized possession in the world of superyachts.

Golden Odyssey Yacht Conclusion

In conclusion, the GOLDEN ODYSSEY yacht is more than just a vessel—it’s an experience of unrivaled luxury, superb craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology. From its stunning interiors designed by Alberto Pinto to the graceful exterior aesthetics crafted by Marvin Francis Design, every element of the yacht is a testament to superior design and engineering prowess.

Whether it’s hosting elite social gatherings or embarking on extended voyages across the seas, the GOLDEN ODYSSEY is equipped for every occasion. Her advanced amenities offer the ultimate in comfort, while her impressive technical specifications ensure smooth and efficient sailing. However, this floating marvel does not come without its costs. With annual running expenses reaching up to $40 million, the GOLDEN ODYSSEY is truly a domain of the affluent.

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