Heesen Yachts: Breaking the Mold

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Yacht Builder:Heesen
Founder:Frans Heesen
CEO:Arthur Brouwer
Turnover:> $250 million

Heesen Yachts

Heesen specializes in building sturdy superyachts from steel and aluminum. Yachts launched by this company are usually top of the line concerning efficiency and speed. The Galactica Star is a good example of such yachts.

Brief History

The Netherlands has always been home to inventive and hardworking maritime workers of all kinds. This is the case now, and it was very much so in 1978. This was the year Frans Heesen founded his yacht building company, and he had the skill and knowledge of many sea-savvy workers to rely on.

Heesen used aluminum for the hull of the vessels he built to produce fast and strong boats. He claims to be the first yachting company in Holland to use aluminum in this way.

Over the years, Heesen yachts has continued to maintain its lead in producing high-performance, luxury superyachts. Today, Heesen produces some of the fastest yachts in the industry and some of the most fuel-efficient ones. This means that its yachts can travel very long distances in comparison to traditional superyachts.

Notable Launches

Probably its most affordable yacht is the 25.39-m Ariaz. This boat can be purchased at $259,588.45 and has a top speed of 23 knots. Heesen launched the Galactica Super Nova in 2016. It measures 70.07-m in length and has a top speed of 30 knots.

In Summary

Heesen has successfully launched 115 superyachts in 43 years. This company is a testament to grit and the benefits of creative solutions, even in a saturated market.

Well Known Heesen Yachts

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