HERE COMES THE SUN Yacht – $150,000,000 Superyacht

here comes the sun yacht
Name:Here Comes The Sun
Length:83 m (272 ft)
Guests:16 in 8 cabins
Crew:25 in 12 cabins
Designer:Tim Heywood
Interior Designer:Andrew Winch Design
Speed:17 knots
Volume:2,827 ton
Price:US $150 million
Annual Running Cost:US $10 – 15 million
Owner:Alexander Dzhaparidze

Here Comes The Sun Yacht

This stunning vessel that belongs to Alexander Dzhaparidze. She was officially launched in 2016 and was manufactured by Amels shipyards. Measuring an impressive 83m (272 ft) length, she was designed by the world renowned Tim Heywood, with the interior designed by Andrew Winch Design. With space to accommodate 16 guests in 8 cabins as well as 25 crew members in 12 cabins she can reach speeds up to 17 knots.


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