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IVOR FITZPATRICK – $100 Million Net worth

Ivor Fitzpatrick is an Irish lawyer with a net worth of $100 million. He is the founder of Ivor Fitzpatrick Law, based in Dublin. The law firm is one of Ireland’s most well-known and respected law firms.

It provides legal services to the highest levels of corporations, commercial businesses, banking, health care, and personal matters.

He is the owner of the famous yacht originally owned by billionaire shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, CHRISTINA O.


Ivor Fitzpatrick NET WORTH

Fitzpatrick has a reported net worth of $100 million. He is the owner of the historic yacht, CHRISTINA O.

The yacht has an extensive history. Shipping magnate and billionaire Aristotle Onassis bought the anti-submarine frigate for $34,000.

He spent $4 million converting the vessel into one of the world’s first private luxury superyachts, named after his daughter, Christina. 

Ornate interior, a mosaic swimming pool that converts into a dance floor, and paintings by illustrator Ludwig Bemelmans in the children’s dining room are just a few of the luxuries that stood out during the austerity of post-war Europe. 

Onassis hosted the likes of John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Elizabeth Taylor, and Frank Sinatra, and other famous individuals who graced the decks of the CHRISTINA O. 

She was donated to the Greek government after Onassis’s death and fell into disrepair. She was brought back to life by John Paul Papanicolaou, a family friend of the Onassis family.

CHRISTINA O was bought by the Fitzpatrick family and has been featured in the fifth season of the Netflix series, The Crown.

Fitzpatrick owns the Gothic-themed Castle Howard, located in Avoca, County Wicklow. The castle was built around the frame of an earlier house, in 1811, with part Romantic Castle style and part Abbey style.

He purchased the historic mansion and the 200 acres it sat on in 1991. He regularly flies to work in a helicopter. 


Fitzpatrick has interests in law and development. Ivor Fitzpatrick Law is active in commercial law, regulatory compliance, corporate governance, and legal debt recovery.

As a lawyer, Fitzpatrick represents clients on any business-critical matter. The firm employs around 80 people.


Ivor Fitzpatrick is married to Susan, a founding partner at Ivor Fitzpatrick Law. She holds the title of Partner and Head of Civil Litigation and leads specialized expert litigation and advisory teams.

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