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KAOS Yacht – Extravagant $300M Superyacht

KAOS yacht (formerly JUBILEE and AL MENWAR) is an award-winning superyacht that was recently refitted with a completely redesigned interior.

At 110 metres (361ft) and 4,523 tons, she was the largest yacht ever built in the Netherlands at the time of her launch in 2017.

The vessel was recently spotted off the coast of southern Spain before dropping anchor in the beach town of Marbella.

Name:KAOS (Formerly Jubilee)
Length:110 meters (361ft)
Guests:31 in 16 cabins
Crew:45 in 24 cabins
Designer:Igor Lobanov
Interior Designer:Sam Sorgiovanni
Speed:19 knots
Volume:4,523 ton
Price:US $300 million
Annual Running Cost:US $20 – 30 million

Kaos yacht interior

The interior of the motor yacht was originally designed by Sam Sorgiovanni who is originally from Australia and aims to unite practicality with beauty through his unique designs.

The vessel was made completely wheelchair accessible including elevators and barrier-free access to all decks. 

The process took a year and with the help of the British designer Reymond Langton, the interior was transformed.

KAOS has room for 31 guests in 16 cabins. This includes a lavish owner’s suite which consists of two separate bedrooms.

There are also four VIP suites and ten standard suites with ensuite bathrooms. All guest cabins are located on the upper deck. 

45 staff distributed across 24 cabins find space on the lower levels of the vessel. Only the cabins for the captain and first officer are located on the bridge deck.

The KAOS yacht was designed with maximum comfort in mind. Her interior includes lavish facilities such as a spacious elevator, a steam room, a full gym, as well as an indoor beach club.

Originally she was constructed with Middle Eastern design in mind which includes features such as a large majelis, which is a dedicated seating and entertainment area meant for hosting guests.

The KAOS yacht also has a large cinema, a sauna, and full spa facilities. Below the deck, there is a separate crew gym and a small hospital in case of medical emergencies.

The interior design can be described as lavish and luxurious. White and blue carpeted floors with intricate designs compliment the exterior of the vessel and its signature aqua color.

Golden accents and cream upholstery go well with the wooden elements such as the teak flooring.

Opulent furnishing with many indirect lighting accents creates a feeling of coziness and luxury. 


At the time of her launch in 2017, the KAOS yacht was the largest yacht ever built by the custom yacht builder Oceano as well as the largest yacht built in the Netherlands.

At a length of 110 meters (361ft), a beam of 16.4 meters (53 ft), and a maximum draft of 4.4 meters (14.5 ft), she is currently ranked as the 39th largest motor yacht in the world, together with motor yachts ANNA, RADIANT and AL RAYA who measure the same length.

She displaces 4,523 tons and is known for her unusual design, which is very sleek and minimalist.

KAOS can reach speeds of up to 19 knots with an average speed of 15 knots which is not the fastest in her weight category but still impressive for her large size.

As expected from Oceano, she was constructed primarily from aluminum and steel and has a fuel capacity of 391,000 liters as well as a 230,000-litre freshwater tank. She is powered by impressive MTU engines fuelling two propellers.

The KAOS yacht can host 31 guests in 16 cabins as well as 45 crew in 24 cabins. Her maximum range is estimated to be somewhere around 5,000 nautical miles.


The KAOS yacht is an exceptionally beautiful yacht that was built prioritizing modern and minimalist design.

Lobanov Design is responsible for her eye-catching exterior, which focuses on futuristic elements combined with optical illusions. 

Established in 2007, this design studio is known to be young, offering unique perspectives and modern approaches.

She was built with curved lines in mind incorporating elements of glass and metal in a nautical context.

Her all-around glass fronts create an optical illusion letting the yacht appear to have several more decks than she actually has. 

The so-called trompe l’oeil effect lets KAOS appear sleek and elongated, setting her apart from traditional yacht design. Her designer Lobanov describes the modeling process for KAOS.

“The 3D modeling was quite a challenging task, which pleased my mathematical part of the brain. Each of the layers meets and splits under certain rules, which can be noticed from different angles.”

Her exterior is white with light blue accents, which are contrasted by the many darkly tinted windows.

She has four decks, the largest of which is the aft which has a sizable swimming pool with a built-in aquarium and seating areas.

Several smaller decks are located on higher levels, although most of them are hidden in shaded areas. 

Close to the top of the superstructure, a small jacuzzi is situated, allowing guests to enjoy incredible views while relaxing.

At the bow, a helipad is located, including refueling facilities for small to medium-sized helicopter aircraft. Below the helipad, the mooring deck is cleverly concealed for aesthetic purposes. 

At the stern of the vessel, the KAOS yacht has an extendable swimming platform that can be closed completely when the yacht is underway.

This platform leads directly to a lounge area inside the yacht, complete with a state-of-the-art entertainment system, TV, and storage space.

On the starboard side of the aft, there is a separate platform for docking tenders and releasing water toys.

KAOS also possesses a modern underwater lighting system and state-of-the-art stabilizers for the comfort of guests when the vessel is underway or at anchor.

Toys and equipment

The KAOS yacht carries at least two tenders, one of which almost looks like a miniature version of the main vessel with the same blue and white design and tinted windows.

They were built by Pascoe International, a renowned company specializing in tenders for superyachts. 

She carries a wide array of water toys, including several jet skis, water bobs, and paddleboards.

Previous names

Originally the KAOS yacht was built in the Netherlands by Oceano under the name SECRET III. Upon her launch, she was officially named JUBILEE and then renamed AL MENWAR by the royal family of Qatar, the House of Thani. 

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