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Larry Van Tuyl – Net Worth $3.5 Billion

American billionaire Larry Van Tuyl was born in 1950 and has a net worth of $3.5 billion. He was part of the Van Tuyl Group, originally founded by his father in 1948.

The Van Tuyl group is the fifth largest car dealership group in America, and they sell about 240,000 vehicles every year. The Van Tuyl group was sold in 2005 for 4,1 billion US dollars.

Name:Larry Van Tuyl
Worth:$3.5 Billion
Source of Wealth: Van Tuyl Group

Larry Van Tuyl is now the chairman at Berkshire Hathaway Automotive, another one of the largest dealership groups in the US, with over a hundred franchises.

As if that wasn’t enough, Van Tuyl also owns VanTrust Real Estate. The company is a full-service real estate company based in Kansas.

One of Larry Van Tuyl’s possessions is the yacht Vanish. She is 72 meters long (234 ft), and was built by Feadship in 2021.

Van Tuyl used to own another yacht, now called Hampshire, but sold it to Andrew Curry, the director at the Ineos Group. Larry Van Tuyl also owns a private jet, a Gulfstream G550 from 2020.

He is married to Pat van Tuyl and has three children. He and his wife live in Paradise Valley, Arizona, but he also owns a 5.5 million dollar home in Newport Beach, California.

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