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Lazzarini Stratosfera Concept – Mobile For Land, Water & Sky

Pierpaolo Lazzarini has recently unveiled his latest concept design, the Stratosfera Concept, a carbon fiber sphere with a diameter of 1.65 meters.

The design is not yet a reality and is purely a concept, capable of theoretical travel on land, sea, and air for up to two passengers.

stratosfera concept

It is proposed to be powered by electric motors and hydrofoils or propellers for air travel, offering a potentially unique and exciting experience.

The Stratosfera Acquatica concept includes an extendable foil that would act as a gyroscope to help maintain balance, ensuring a comfortable ride for passengers.

The design is proposed to have twin 150 hp electric jet engines for speeds of up to 30 knots on water and in the air. The cockpit is situated centrally and designed to be user-friendly, with one of the passengers potentially acting as the pilot.

The Stratosfera Volatile concept has eight counter-rotating propellers and a solar panel-covered air balloon for take-off. However, no details are currently available on its range or maximum altitude.

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As a concept, the Stratosfera is a versatile vehicle that could potentially be customized for various other uses such as a submarine or snowcat, although these are still in development.

Overall, the Stratosfera Concept is an imaginative design that has yet to be realized.

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