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LEANDER G Yacht – Stunning $59M Superyacht

The LEANDER G yacht is a 74.98-meter superyacht Leander G constructed in 1993 by Peene-Werft, a cutting-edge shipyard that specializes in new build and repairs of naval vessels.

His guests include members of the English royal family, such as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, on a tour of the United Kingdom and Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall in the Caribbean.

Throughout her illustrious career, the boat has required just three repairs. In 2018, the first repair was made, and it included considerable renovations to the guest and staff accommodations for the first repair. 

Then in 2019, a complete engine overhaul was performed. The most current revisions took place in February 2020 in Navantia, Spain.

Being an active yacht, she has a reputation for navigating worldwide destinations from the Baltic to the sunny Bahamas. 

Name:Leander G
Length:75m (196ft)
Designer:Claus Kusch
Interior Designer:Claus Kusch
Speed:18.5 knots
Engines:2 x Deutz
Volume:1930 tons
Price:US $59 million
Annual Running:US $6 million
leander g yacht front

LEANDER G yacht interior

Since her delivery in 1993, Leander G has served as an unofficial royal yacht for prominent members of the royal family on occasion.

Her interior design was penned by Polina Nunns with a style that is reminiscent of an “English country home.” She features a piano room, a viewing terrace, a bar, a swimming pool, a gym, and a dining room.

She is the quintessential gentleman’s yacht, complete with a railing in front of the alcove and a massive mural that portrays an 18th-century sailing scene. 

The English country house vibe can be seen and felt throughout the vessel, with old mahogany furniture, damask-patterned carpets, and flowery wallpaper. 

leander g port

LEANDER G yacht exterior

Claus Kusch was in charge of her build and exterior design, and he did not disappoint.

LEANDER G was originally commissioned as the third boat in the Katalina series for Brigadier Timothy Landon, an adviser to the Sultan of Oman.

Her construction began only weeks after the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. Since the shipyard had previously only produced military boats, Kusch had to accompany a small group of his employees to Monaco to demonstrate what a superyacht was.

It seemed as if the boat had been custom-made for him, despite it being originally built for someone else.

LEANDER G yacht accommodation

LEANDER G has ten luxurious cabins that can sleep up to 20 guests, including two owner suites with an interconnecting office and living area.

Up to 26 people may be accommodated in staff cabins next to the owner’s living area. 

Additionally, the boat has a spacious swimming pool and a gym, allowing passengers to unwind and feel at peace while on board.

leander g starboard

LEANDER G yacht specifications

LEANDER G is powered by two 3,600hp Deutz-MWM SBV12M628 diesel engines, which provide her with a maximum speed of 18.5 knots and a cruising range of 8,000 nautical miles at 14.5 knots.

She is equipped with no fewer than six tenders and a plethora of toys, as well as an aft deck helipad for charter helicopters.

LEANDER G yacht price

This renowned yacht was just advertised for sale by Edmiston & Company for a price of € 45,000,000.

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