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LLOYD WERFT Yachts – Operating Since 1857

Coming from simple beginnings, Lloyd Werft has, over the years, taken its place as one of the world’s leading shipyards.

Every entrepreneur could learn the importance of patience, determination, competence, and adaptability from this yacht builder.

Yacht Builder: Lloyd Werft
Founder: Norddeutscher Lloyd
Founded: 1857
Headquarters: Germany
CEO: Rüdiger Pallentin
Employees: 500
Turnover: >$6 million

LLOYD WERFT Brief History

What would eventually become Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven GmbH began as a repair workshop.

Norddeutscher Lloyd, a shipping company also founded in 1857, had needed to create a division that focused on repairing its own cargo ships.

For a long time, this workshop produced some of the fastest merchant vessels for Norddeutscher Lloyd.

Its ships would often win the Blue Riband for speed, and both the design and technology of its ships were of the finest and most efficient quality.

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LUNA Yacht by Lloyd Werft

In 1871, Lloyd Werft moved from Bremen to the Überseehafen in Bremerhaven, Germany. The increase in space allowed them to launch even larger and more luxurious seafaring vessels.

They joined the Vulcan Group, another German shipyard, in the 70s and used this new reach to expand their business.

In 2016, Genting Hong Kong completed the purchase of Lloyd Werft. Today, the company is still operational under the same name, but they command a much larger market share now.

Notable Launches

Lloyd Werft is responsible for the 139.7-m Solaris. This yacht has a top speed of 18 knots. This is quite fast, but it doesn’t beat the 115-m Luna—also, launched by Lloyd Werft. This superyacht has a top speed of 22.5 knots.

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SOLARIS Yacht by Lloyd Werft

A lot has changed about Lloyd Werft. These days, their business processes are more modern and they, in addition to passenger and cargo ships, also launch luxury mega yachts.

But, their services remain the same: reconstruction, repair, and maintenance.

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