LUNA Yacht – Farkhad Akhmedov’s $300M Superyacht

luna yacht
Builder:Lloyd Werft
Designer:New cruise
Interior Designer:Donald Starkey
Speed:22.5 knots
Volume:5,655 ton
Price:US $300 million
Annual Running Cost:US $20–25million
Owner:Farkhad Akhmedov

Luna Yacht

The Luna Yacht has had an incredible journey over the years and has had a few facelifts as well. It is owned by Farkhad Akhmedov and costs around $300 million. Until now, Luna is famous for being the world’s largest expedition yacht. Despite its large size, it is also known for having many family-friendly amenities that creates a homey feel to it.


Originally built by Llod Werft Roman Abramovich, it was sold to Akhmedov in 2014. With its change in owners, it also changed in appearance. Luna had a 14-month long process with around 130 jobs. These changes included adding wine fridges and separating the ballast tank system. It took a lot of work, but it definitely improved on a classic superyacht.


The impressive Luna measures 115 meters and can reach top speeds of 22.5 knots. It holds 9 staterooms that can house up to 18 guests and 49 crew members. The engine room of Luna is different to most superyachts. Not only is it large in volume, but it has a special polish that keeps the engine room squeaky clean. Some staff members have described it as the cleanest engine room they have ever worked in. There are seven generators that power the electric motors that take up less space on the ship, decrease vibrations, and make for a more economical ride.


Many have said that the original paint job was not the best, to put it lightly. One of its 130 jobs was to repaint the whole hull of Luna. It now has a mirror finish from end to end on its 2,000+ square meters of hull. It took over 70 painters and eight months to finish this massive undertaking. Now Luna has a continuous shine along its hull with not a blemish in sight.


The interior of Luna is chic but calming, which differs from the intensity of its exterior’s hard lines. The designer, Llod Werft wanted to make sure each room of this vessel was appreciated appropriately. The lounge and dining room are split by a wall and fireplace, so guests can enjoy different experiences in each room. Guests can also enjoy a moment of serenity in the low aft deck’s sun worship room. After some deep breathing exercises here, guests can also take a swim in the large pool that was once the largest pool on a superyacht. Some other amenities on the Luna superyacht are two tender garages, a gym, a beach club, a steam bath, a plunge pool, and a sauna. It has a variety of activities for people to enjoy regardless of age.

Though Luna has gone through many changes in her short lifetime, she continues to be a classic superyacht. She is not only incredible to look at, but has everything needed for a good time out on the ocean. Luna was created to be a space for both adults and children to play in and have an unforgettable experience. With the hard work of many workers and designers, Luna has come to achieve that goal.

Luna Yacht in Gibraltar

Video courtesy of Gibraltar Yachting.

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