Lürssen Yachts: All You Need to Know About This Iconic Company

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Yacht Builder:Lürssen
Founder:Friedrich Lurssen
Headquarters:Bremen, Germany
CEO:Peter Lurssen
Employees:> 1,600
Turnover:> $8 Billion
Operational Areas:Worldwide
Products:Yachts and Naval Ships

Lürssen Yachts

Lürssen is one of the world’s most renowned luxury yacht builders. It was founded in 1875 by Friedrich Lürssen. Although it’s family-owned and now in its fourth generation of private ownership, Lürssen has maintained the quality of its management and performance since its inception.

Lürssen Achievements

It’s also behind some of the finest luxury yachts that are between 33 and 179 meters long, including the first motor yacht in 1886 and the world’s biggest yacht (Azzam) in 2013.

The headquarters is currently in Bremen-Vegesack alongside five shipyards in North Germany. With over 1000 staff and 200 engineers, Lürssen has successfully launched more than 3,000 vessels since 1875.

Notable Launches

Some notable launches include Paul Allen’s, Microsoft co-founder, 127-meter superyacht (Octopus) in 2003. Lürssen also built the 138-meter Rising Sun delivered to Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison, in 2004. David Geffen now owns Oracle. In collaboration with some of the best yacht designers, this company specializes in building custom naval ships and vessels on demand.

Lürssen Summary

Lürssen Yachts depict sophistication and comfort, which is not always the case for some yacht companies. The company is also a member of SYBAss (Superyacht Builders Association).

With its state-of-the-art facilities, Lürssen has continued to expand in size and increase the quality of its luxury yachts. There are currently over ten Lürssen yachts under construction, including those for replacements and private ownerships.

Well Known Lürssen Yachts

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