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MONZA Yacht – Charles Leclerc’s $2 Million Vessel

The MONZA yacht is a $2 million Riva vessel owned by Charles Leclerc. Leclerc is a Formula One race car driver from Monaco and part of the Scuderia Ferrari team.

The 15m open-top vessel was delivered from Riva’s shipyard in 2020.

She features design from Officina Italian Design and offers a luxury experience on the water in the Italian indulgence.

Length:15 m (48 ft)
Guests:4 in 2 cabins
Designer:Officina Italiana Design
Speed:35 knots
Volume:25 ton
Price:US $2 million
Owner:Charles Leclerc

MONZA yacht interior

The interior of MONZA features open decks with seating throughout the indoor and outdoor areas.

The yacht designer is Officina Italian Design, an Italian design house. White sofas are on either side of the yacht, with two couches facing aft.

The lower deck has an L-shaped settee with a tiny room for a huge king-sized bed and bathroom.

The MONZA features cream finishes, natural wood, and luxury amenities. There is also a mini kitchen with everything needed to cook a meal and more.

The 15m yacht accommodates four guests in two cabins and can hold ten passengers on board.

There are no crew accommodations on the MONZA. There are plenty of options for relaxing and enjoying the yachting lifestyle in Italian luxury.

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MONZA is one of Riva shipyards’ extensive range of luxury vessels. She is a Riva DolceRiva model, delivered in 2020. Riva is an Italian shipyard with over 100 years of experience in shipbuilding.

The company steered away from commercial vessels towards creating top-of-the-range pleasure yachts.

Although the owner is Monégasque, he has a great appreciation for Italian, including his pleasure yacht.

MONZA has a striking exterior with sleek lines low to the water. The name MONZA is displayed on the rear of the vehicle, with silver and black design elements on the exterior of the open craft.

The Riva yacht is an open-top vessel with outstanding amenities for guests to enjoy.

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The MONZA is a 15m vessel with a displacement of 25 gross tons. MONZA is considered a medium-sized cruiser vessel.

She has a speed of 35 knots which she gets from her Volvo D13-800 engines. The engine has 800 horsepower and a V-drive transmission. MONZA has a value of $2 million.

Owner – Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc is reportedly the owner of MONZA. He is a Monégasque Formula One racing driver and races for Scuderia Ferrari. Leclerc named his yacht after Monza, a world-famous Italian racing track.

He won a race on the Monza racetrack after winning the 2019 Italian Grand Prix. Forbes states that Leclerc is the sixth-highest earner of Formula One race car drivers in 2021.

He graduated from the Ferrari Driver Academy and is in his third season with the Scuderia Ferrari team.

With a salary of $12 million at the end of 2021, he is likely to earn more than that from advertising endorsements.

Other Formula One racers appear to develop a taste for yachts, and Leclerc is no different with his MONZA yacht.

MONZA Yacht summary

The MONZA yacht, owned by Charles Leclerc, is an extraordinary masterpiece in the realm of luxury yachting.

Crafted by Riva, this $2 million vessel embodies elegance, sophistication, and the allure of Italian indulgence.

Delivered in 2020, MONZA showcases impeccable design by Officina Italian Design, promising an unparalleled experience for its fortunate owner and guests.

While the specifics of its luxurious interior are yet to be unveiled, one can only imagine the opulence that awaits within.

With exceptional specifications and Delta Marine Design Group’s renowned expertise, the Satori yacht presents an exclusive opportunity to immerse oneself in ultimate yachting luxury, creating enduring memories that will endure a lifetime.

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