MUSASHI Yacht – Stellar $160M Superyacht

MUSASHI yacht is a $160 million superyacht.

Length:88 m (288 ft)
Guests:18 in 9 cabins
Crew:23 in 10 cabins
Designer:Sinot Yacht Design
Interior Designer:Sinot Yacht Design
Speed:21 knots
Volume:2,463 ton
Price:US$ 160 million
Annual Running Cost:US$ 10 – 20 million


The MUSASHI yacht was built by Feadship, founded in 1949 with headquarters in The Netherlands. Feadship is not new to the game of building superyachts for the wealthy.

They have also been the engineers for superyachts, such as Bernard Arnault’s Symphony Yacht, Arrow superyacht (with a value of over $120 Million), and the well-known 94-meter Viva superyacht.

It is safe to say that the MUSASHI yacht, showed its brilliance and excellence in engineering luxury superyachts.

The $160,000,000 superyacht interior was designed by Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design, a company responsible for creating beautiful and unique interiors for superyachts across the globe.

It is worth noting that Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design is also responsible for developing the interiors of the Feadship F45 Harle.

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Being a luxury superyacht designed for the super-wealthy, she does not lack outstanding amenities.

The MUSASHI yacht is equipped with a beauty room, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor gyms, a movie room, and even an elevator.

MUSASHI is fitted with air-conditioning throughout the yacht and integrated with stabilizers to keep the superyacht steady and safe for the guests.

With an incredible amount of workspace to work with and a team of highly respected interior designers working on the yacht, it’s safe to say that she can hold parties and provide people with a great experience while traveling on the high seas. 

The MUSASHI yacht can accommodate up to 18-20 guests and 24 crew members to attain the ship and guests’ needs.

With an approximate value of $160 Million, it is estimated that the annual running cost ranges between $10-$20 Million on top of maintenance and docking fees.

MUSASHI is an incredible behemoth of a yacht. With enough space and room to adventure almost endlessly, she has comfortable air-conditioned rooms for her guests and crew.

With luxuries such as a movie theatre, MUSASHI serves as a secondary floating home on the crystal blue waters of France.

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MUSASHI Specifications

MUSASHI measures a length of  87.8m (288 ft) and her incredible hull was built using steel along with aluminum.

Powered by four very powerful propellers and its power coming from two 5,766hp MTU 20V4000 M93L diesel engines MUSASHI can reach a max speed of 21 knots with a cruising speed of 15 knots.

She has ample storage space for fuel with a  335,000 L fuel tank allowing her to travel up to 11 000 kilometers. She has an impressive weight of over 2463 tonnes. 

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