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NUVOLARI LENARD – Yacht Designer | Bio, Facts, and More

Nuvolari Lenard Yacht Design Studio is one of the highly sought-after design studios in the world.

The studio was founded in 1996 by a stylist, Dan Lenard, and a naval architect/mechanical engineer, Carlo Nuvolari.

Yacht Designer:Nuvolari Lenard
Expertise:Yacht Design Studio
Founders:Dan Lenard and Carlo Nuvolari
Year Founded:1996
Headquarters:Venice, Italy
Number of Employees:16
Operational Areas:Worldwide
Chief Executive Officer:Carlo Nuvolari
Products:Yachts, Ships and Boats

Novulari Style

The company is on the outskirts of Venice in Italy, and it’s known for its unique, timeless, and elegant designs.

Both founders, Carlo and Dan, have an inseparable relationship with the sea and style. Hence, their outstanding performance in designing luxury vessels.

Nuvolari Lenard Design Studio handles concept designs, interior and exterior styling, naval architecture, meticulous follow-up on clients from inception to delivery, and more.

The studio has 16 employees who create 25-185m long yachts.

Notable Launches

They have also successfully designed over 100 vessels afloat, including Nord (measuring 142.0m).

Examples of luxury yachts designed by Nuvolari Lenard include the Oceanco motor yacht (Seven Seas), AMEVI, etc. The studio currently has four activity sections:

  • Large Yacht Design
  • Serial Production Yachts
  • Yacht Interior Design
  • Residential Interior Design


Novulari Yacht Design Studio is well put together and efficient. The design section in this company allows designers to visualize and research shapes before utilizing 3D computer-aided techniques on the final design.

The interior design section has a showroom, where interior architects and clients work together with different quality fabrics, samples, and furnishings.

Clients and visitors also view beautiful sculptures, paintings, and pictures by well-known artists at the studio.

Designed By Nuvolari Lenard

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