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OLIVIA O Yacht – Extravagant $200 Million Superyacht

OLIVIA O yacht is the 88th largest yacht in the world with a total length of 88 meters (288 ft). She is an explorer yacht built by the Ulstein shipyard in Norway in 2020.

Name:Olivia O
Length:88 meters
Builder:Ulstein Verft
Designer:Espen Oeino
Interior Designer:Droulers Architecture
Speed:15 knots
Engines:Rolls Royce Marine
Volume:4,989 ton

OLIVIA O yacht interior

No official photos of the interior of OLIVIA O have been released. The design project was conducted by Droulers Architecture, a studio from Milan that is owned by the two sisters Nathalie and Virginie.

They have worked on several superyachts and she was one of their largest. The vessel includes seven guest cabins that can host up to 14 guests.

A further 30 crew members find space in 15 cabins below the deck. The yacht has a large movie theatre, a gym as well as a beauty salon.


The super yacht OLIVIA O is 88 meters (288 ft) long with a beam of 16.3 meters (53.6 ft) and a 5.1-meter (16.9 ft) draft.

Due to her high draft, she is not suitable for shallow waters but rather designed for exploration and more remote journeys.

Her twin electric Rolls Royce engines allow her to cruise at a speed of 14 knots although her top speeds of 15 knots aren’t much higher.

With a volume of 4.989 tons, she is very heavy, especially when considering her length.

Ulstein is typically known for constructing vessels meant for the oil industry and OLIVIA O was the first superyacht they built.

To this day she remains the largest yacht constructed at their shipyard in Norway.


When looking at OLIVIA O her unusual exterior design is immediately noticeable. She features a so-called inverted bow (or x-bow) which her builders at Ulstein are known for.

This means that the furthest tip of the bow is not located at the top but rather on the bottom of the water line.

Her bow is just one more feature that clearly identifies OLIVIA O as an explorer ship and much more than just a superyacht.

She carries several tenders and features a large helipad and of course a 10-meter swimming pool.

Her remarkable bridge offers almost 360° views and is reminiscent of an exploration vessel.

The exterior design of OLIVIA O was conducted by Espen Oeino who has worked on many other prominent yacht projects in the past. 


The owner Offer paid a reported price of US $200 million. She generates US $15 to 20 million in annual running costs.

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