Lazzarini’s New 501 ft Megayacht Concept Looks Like a Shark

PRODIGIUM is a monolith-inspired concept vessel with sharklike features and ancient roman inspired architecture.

The upper deck of this concept yacht from Italian design studio Lazzarini resembles a giant shark. 

The whopping 153m superyacht is the second creature-inspired yacht from Lazzarini.

The design house recently released a 137m superyacht inspired by a swan called AVANGUARDIA.

The two yachts are a part of a six-yacht series that the design house is releasing. 

If built, PRODIGIUM will be the largest superyacht floating on the water. The yacht would define all things luxury, offering guests a unique sailing experience. 

PROGIGIUM yacht interior

The PRODIGIUM is designed by Italian Design House Lazzarini and features six decks onboard.

Lazzarini is headed by innovative designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini. The design house is committed to taking a unique approach to design projects. 

The upper level resembles a shark and contains the main living areas. The monolith superyacht has sprawling interiors with many lounging areas, a dining room, and a galley.

There are accommodations for 44 guests on board, with 18 staff and 12 crew members. 

The main entrance to the superyacht has two stately Roman columns, which support the upper structure. The superyacht features modern interior designs with orange and grey accents throughout the expansive interior.

The living areas are concentrated further down the hull, with gyms, indoor pools, and lounging areas. 

Outside, the PRODIGIUM has three massive swimming pools situated aft of each deck. There are plenty of socializing areas with sunbathing spots on the decks.

The pool on the upper deck has a waterfall that cascades into the pool below. A beach club with a floating platform extends from the superyacht above the water level. 

There are plenty of spaces for toys on the massive yacht. The PRODIGIUM can carry up to eight tenders in two garages with a private port at the aft where a 98-foot vessel can dock.

PRODIGIUM has a crane that gets the boats into the water easily. The upper deck can accommodate not one, not two, but three helicopters, each with its own hangar. 


The PRODIGIUM is forged from carbon fiber and aluminum and has a prominent nose and a series of diagonal lines representing a shark’s menacing teeth.

The fearsome exterior resembles a sleek monolith in the water with a prominent bow and a grey colorway.

The orange themes from the interior of the concept design are featured on the yacht’s exterior.


The PRODIGIUM is fitted with solar panels on the upper deck for clean and green energy to power the vessel.

Thanks to the hybrid propulsion system, the 153m yacht can reach a cruising speed of 22 knots.

The cruising speed is coincidently similar speed to a Great White shark, which reaches a speed of 25 mph.

The beam of PRODIGIUM is a whopping 34m. The concept is estimated to cost between $550 and $600 million to construct.


2020: Design is released from Lazzarini. The mega yacht is yet to be constructed.

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