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SEA RANGER Yacht – Extraordinaire $50M Superyacht

The SEA RANGER yacht is not the typical sleekly opulent yacht; she is a converted ocean-going ice-class tug boat that towed oil platforms and salvaged distressed tankers.

She was first built in 1973 by German shipbuilders Schichau Unterweser, with the interior styled by Heinz Rollers.

Yachting enthusiast Jack Setton later bought her. He had her converted into a luxurious yacht with a rugged exterior capable of visiting the polar ice caps just as easily as the Caribbean.

The fascinating history of the 77.7m ocean-going yacht includes time as an oceanographic research boat.

Name:Sea Ranger
Length:77m (253ft)
Builder:Schichau Seebeck
Designer:Jack Setton Design
Interior Designer:Heinz Vollers
Speed:18.5 knots
Volume:1890 tons
Price:US $50 million
Annual Running:US $5 million

SEA RANGER yacht interior

The exterior of the SEA RANGER yacht may appear rugged and utilitarian, but the interior is entirely luxurious. The interior was originally styled by Heinz Vollers and delivered in 1973.

SEA RANGER’s conversion from an ocean-going tug boat to a yacht was in 1994 by Malta Drydock Company, which made her a comfortable and luxurious boat capable of taking trips to every corner of the globe in style.

There is accommodation for ten guests in 5 suites and 19 crew members for a luxury experience.

The low-key luxury of the yacht is stated through wide and comfortable decks that provide lots of space to lounge and dine.

There is a jacuzzi, a basketball court, swimming pools, a helicopter pad, a garage full of tenders with a 40ft cabin cruiser, a seaplane, and numerous small boats.

SEA RANGER yacht exterior

The SEA RANGER yacht was built by Schichau Unterweser at their Bremerhaven shipyard. She appears utilitarian with her rugged exterior and her aft crane. In 1994, the exterior was re-conceptualized by Kusch Yachts for a French owner.

The rugged exterior displays her past life as an ocean-going vessel ice-class tug boat with a steel hull and superstructure.

She was originally built to be a tug for towing oil platforms across the ocean and salvaging distressed tankers. Now, she is the best platform to explore every corner of the world with family.

Her black hull and large crane are a part of her ability to traverse every part of the world safely and securely, all while in the lap of low-key luxury.

SEA RANGER yacht specifications

The 77.7m yacht has a draft of 5.77m and a beam of 13.3m. She is fitted with twin Deutz engines which allow her to cruise at 13kn and reach a top speed of 18kn. She displaces 1,890 GT.

She is Lloyds registered and has a range of 31,000 nautical miles. She was fitted with Quantum stabilizers in 2004 to provide a stable and enjoyable yachting experience. She has an annual running cost of $5 million.

She was later resold to an American businessman who renamed her Lone Ranger and refitted with a wide range of tenders ready to carry families across the world.

After 15 years in service, the American businessman donated her to an oceanographic institute that used her as a marine research ship for three years.

He is worth $500 million and owns a Romanian Company called GSP(Grup Servicii Petroliere) that provides offshore services for oil, gas, and wind energies.

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