SOLARIS Yacht – Roman Abramovich’s $600M Superyacht

Solaris Lloyd Werft Drone Shot yacht FV
Length:140 metres
Builder:Lloyd Werft
Designer:Frank Neubelt
Interior Designer:Undisclosed
Speed:20 knots
Volume:11,011 ton

Solaris Yacht

Solaris was newly launched in 2021 by Werft and belongs to Roman Abramovich who also owns

At 139.7 metres (458 ft), SOLARIS is considered an absolute giant in the world of superyachts and ranks as the 15th largest in the world. Her owner is the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovic who received SOLARIS in 2021. 

SOLARIS yacht interior

No official photos of the interior of SOLARIS have been released, so the exact design is unknown. However, judging from the minimalist and modern layout of the decks, it can be assumed that the interior follows a similar trend. The German designer Frank Neubelt is said to have worked on the interior of SOLARIS, although details of the project are unknown.

The yacht is one of the largest in the world, so it comes as no surprise that SOLARIS can accommodate an impressive 36 guests onboard. Around 60 crew members find space in the cabins below deck and are available to tend to every need of the passengers. The yacht also features a large gym, spa, and several salons to host events and welcome guests.

SOLARIS yacht specifications

SOLARIS was built in 2021 by the German shipyard Lloyd Werft and became the largest vessel they had ever delivered. The total length of the yacht is 139.7 metres (458 ft) which makes her 23 metres (75 ft) shorter than Abramovic’s other famous yacht, ECLIPSE. Her beam is 21.35 metres (70 ft), and her draft measures 5.95 metres (6 ft). Her total weight lies at 11,247 tons. SOLARIS is powered by six MTU engines which allow her to travel at an average cruise speed of 18 knots with tops speeds of 20 knots.

SOLARIS yacht exterior

The exterior of SOLARIS was designed by Marc Newson Ltd, an Australian industrial designer who has worked in several industries, including aircraft, furniture and clothing. His work is easily recognisable by smooth lines and rounded shapes with geometric elements. SOLARIS is a prime example of this with her sleek look, rounded balconies and many windows.

Her eight decks have an unusually light wood that decorates the many open spaces of the vessel. There are several extendable platforms to release tenders and toys and a large beach club located close to the swimming platform. Of course, SOLARIS includes a full-size helipad as well as several swimming pools, one of which is located on the largest of the decks at the aft of the vessel.


SOLARIS was delivered to Abramovic for a reported price of US $600 million, placing her among the most expensive superyachts in the world. She generates a further US $50 – $60 million in annual running costs.

SOLARIS yacht owner

The owner of SOLARIS is the Russian businessman and politician Roman Abramovic who owns a whole fleet of superyachts. His most famous is the ECLIPSE which was once the largest motor yacht in the world. The oligarch has an estimated net worth of US $14 Billion and owns the investment company Millhouse LLC as well as the popular football club Chelsea FC.

Solaris Yacht Arriving in Gibraltar

Video via Gibraltar Yachting

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