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The 40 Open Sunreef Power yacht was launched by the Sunreef Yachts shipyard, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of luxury sailing and power multihulls.

During the Cannes Yachting Festival, Sunreef Yachts unveiled its first open catamaran idea.

A multi-hull luxury speeder has been in development for some time now, and business engineers and designers have been working hard to make it a reality.

By incorporating a multi-hull design into a day cruiser idea, a vast amount of deck space is gained, as well as extraordinary speed stability.

This unique yacht has been recognized as Best Power Driven Catamaran at the prestigious World Yachts Trophies gala.

Length:42 ft
Shipyard:Sunreef yachts
Max Speed:60 knots

40 OPEN SUNREEF POWER yacht interior

The 40 Open Sunreef Power is a beamy replacement for traditional day boats that offers a new degree of comfort on board. 

In addition to the catamaran’s already spacious interior, the two lateral aft foldable platforms provide ideal conditions for participating in water activities. 

Water toys and diving gear may be stored in the space behind the sun pad on the aft deck. The helm, which has echelon chairs and a touchscreen, is well shielded and easy to use via the boat’s features.

The dining space, which is located at the bow of the boat, makes skillful use of the beam of the vessel, which enables it to provide a maximum surface area with movable tables and sufficient seats.

This area of the deck may be transformed into a pleasant cabin for overnight visits. 

Additionally, the boat’s hulls provide a lot of space for a bathroom, an extra room, or a utility room. 

This innovative yacht is built to order and customizable depending on its owner’s wishes and the possibilities are almost endless, from high-end audio-video systems to custom-tailored upholstery and novel layouts.

40 OPEN SUNREEF POWER yacht exterior

She is designed and built by Sunreef yachts in partnership with Jean Boulle Luxury and AGL Marine for the Sun King® Diamond Coating applied to its exterior.

To address the needs of today’s most demanding clients, Sunreef Yachts, Jean Boulle Luxury, and AGL Marine have joined forces to offer innovation and luxury.

An ultra-dynamic day cruiser, the 40 Open Sunreef Power model takes speed and elegance to new heights.

This iconic multi-hull yacht is truly all about opulence, lifestyle, and performance.

40 OPEN SUNREEF POWER yacht accommodation

The 40 Open Sunreef Power is a completely customizable vessel with a well-stocked bar, cutting-edge music system, large sun awning, fishing poles, and plenty of ingenious storage. 

With the model’s hulls, you can fit in a large bathroom and a utility area. Alternatively, a pleasant cabin with a double bed may be constructed out of the open bow portion.

sunreef yacht


This yacht has a beam of 17 feet, a length of 42 feet, and a draft of 2.3 feet. Additionally, she is equipped with dynamic inboard propulsion ranging from 2×435 HP to 2×860 HP to offer an impressive speed potential of over 60kts.

Her hull is a semi-displacement made from polyester. She doesn’t require stabilizing systems and provides a fast and safe navigation experience.

Yacht price

She is a made-to-order yacht and the price is available on request. However, the cost will range from $800k to $1.25M if fully configured.

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