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13 Awesome Superyacht Marina Destinations

With a growing number of superyachts over 100 meters in length, there is more and more demand for large yacht berths in scenic locations worldwide.

Finding marinas that welcome larger vessels and also offer high-end facilities is therefore challenging. Here is a comprehensive list of the eleven largest yacht berths in the world that are popular for yacht spotting.

1. Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro in Tivat
Aerial panoramic view of the evening in Porto Montenegro in Tivat.

Porto Montenegro has by far the largest yacht berths in the world and can accommodate up to 450 vessels, each measuring 250 meters.

The marina itself offers all necessary services like refueling, on-site provisions, or repairs.

Fashion stores, day spas, sports, leisure, and cultural facilities are also located just a few steps away from the port, making it extremely popular among yacht owners looking for a luxury experience. 

The surrounding streets of Porto Montenegro are well known for their upscale restaurants, bars, and waterfront hotels.

Since the largest yacht in the world, AZZAM “only” has a length of 180 meters, the marina is already prepared for any even bigger projects in the future.

2. Yacht Haven Grande

The second-largest yacht berth is located in St. Thomas on the Virgin Islands. With only 48 berths, the marina is not the biggest, however, it can accommodate yachts with a length of up to 200 meters, making it suitable for some of the largest vessels in the world. 

The on-site facilities are exclusively tailored to the needs of luxury yacht owners, charter guests, and crew stationed in this port.

Besides the usual amenities like repairs and provisioning, there is also a sizable shopping mall just a few steps away from Yacht Haven Grande called “The Shops,” which is perfect for stocking up during layovers.

3. Marina Port Vell

Located in Barcelona, Spain, the Marina Port Vell offers 151 berths for yachts up to 190 meters.

Its excellent location close to the city center and many of Barcelona’s main attractions makes this marina very popular among yacht enthusiasts.

Marina Port Vell is also a highly secure port with sophisticated CCTV and professional security guards stationed in the area 24/7. The on-site facilities include a gym, a business hub, and exclusive restaurants. 

There is also a dedicated crew lounge within the marina where the captain and crew can spend their time ashore.

Marina Port Vell stands out due to its convenient location, although this berth tends to fill up quickly during the summer months and can become extremely crowded due to its popularity.

4. Port Vauban

Port Vauban harbor in Antibes France

Port Vauban is the leading marina in the Mediterranean, with 1,500 berths available for yachts with a length of up to 160 meters.

Located in Antibes, France, between Cannes and Nice, Port Vauban is one of the most popular locations for yachting and also one of the largest yacht berths in the world. The marina is also well known for its exclusive yearly events and parties. 

Any standard, as well as unusual services and requests, are fulfilled by the berth’s own agents, who are on call 24/7.

Among other high-profile guests, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and his 126-meter yacht OCTOPUS are regular guests at Port Vauban.

5. Port Tarraco

The 5th largest yacht berth on this list is located in Tarragona, Spain, just 100 km southwest of Barcelona.

Port Tarraco is a smaller and highly exclusive marina with just 33 berths in total, and it can accommodate boats from 45 meters up to a length of 160 meters.

The business pier next to the marina offers a broad selection of excellent restaurants, bars, and shopping opportunities. 

Furthermore, there are several yachting stores in the area surrounding Port Tarraco where you can purchase all important spare parts and supplies that might be needed.

Tarragona itself was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 and has lots to do and see, including famous landmarks and historic ruins.

6. Port Hercules

port hercule monaco
Sunset view of Port Hercule in Monaco

Port Hercules is located in Monaco, on the French Riviera, and has not only one of the largest yacht berths in the world but also represents one of the most popular locations for yachting in general.

The marina has 700 berths for yachts with a length of 135 meters and a maximum draught of 30 meters. 

Monaco attracts millions of tourists every year with its many sights and upscale restaurants. The Monaco Yacht Show is held in Port Hercules every year, attracting thousands of visitors from all around the world.

7. Porto Mirabello

Porto Mirabello is a unique port located in the harbor town of La Spezia in northern Italy. Since the bay is relatively small, the berths had to be constructed without obstructing the beachfront, which proved to be a challenge.

Porto Mirabello was therefore partly constructed on an artificial island which makes this port a unique and unusual project. 

Vessels between 12 and 130 meters in length can anchor at La Spezia’s berths, making it one of the largest in the world.

La Spezia is a charming former fishing village that has become a popular starting point for exploring Italy in the yachting community.

8. Vilanova Grand Marina

Vilanova Grand Marina is a modern and well-equipped port with some of the largest yacht berths in the world.

After its opening in 2009, the port quickly gained recognition and earned a place among the most well-frequented harbors in Europe.

Vilanova can welcome vessels up to 120 meters in length, although the berths are extremely popular, with only a limited number available for sale or rent. 

This port specifically specializes in superyachts and was constructed with the proximity to Barcelona’s International Airport in mind allowing owners to arrive conveniently in their private jets.

9. Limassol Marina

As the only superyacht port in Cyprus, Limassol Marina combines luxury hotels with sought-after restaurants and, of course, plenty of high-end shopping opportunities.

Its berths can accommodate yachts of up to 110 meters, excluding some of the world’s largest vessels but still allow it to rank alongside high-profile marinas around the Mediterranean. 

Yachts like A or MADAME GU frequent the port and attract curious onlookers. Limassol has space for up to 650 yachts which give an idea of its size.

However, there is far more to the port than just berths. With elaborate real estate projects on the property, there are plenty of investment or luxury housing opportunities to explore.

10. Club Nautico Marina, Cartagena, Colombia

Club Nautico Marina is situated in the historic city of Cartagena, Colombia, and is dedicated to both the sailing and powerboat community worldwide. It is conveniently located a short walk from the historic center, with a supermarket just 2 minutes away.

The marina emphasizes the security of vessels and crew, with a family touch reflecting the history and development of the marina. Originally a haven for international sailors, it now caters to both recreational vessels and those dedicated to tourism activities.

While you’re enjoying your time in Colombia, don’t forget to go further inland and checkout Medellin, a cultural city with excellent food, weather, nightlife and one of the best pub crawls to experience!

11. Yalıkavak Marina

Yalıkavak Marina or sometimes called Port Palmarina is situated close to Bodrum in Turkey. The marina only opened in 2012 with a grand party including a long list of high-profile guests.

The port is owned by the Azerbaijani businessman Mubariz Masimov who supported this one-of-a-kind project and gathered over $45 million in investments. 

In addition to housing yachts, Port Palmarina is a hub for entertainment, shopping, and fine dining, attracting international tourists.

12. Marina di Stabia

Just a short ride from Naples in Italy lies the Marina di Stabia which can host superyachts of up to 100 meters.

felipe prieto E3ns5kt286I unsplash

The port has a strategic position that allows visitors to reach places of interest such as the Amalfi Coast, Capri, or Naples easily and comfortably. 

With up to 900 berths available for purchase or rent, the Marina di Stabia is not only one of the largest but also the most modern ports in the area, with the volcano Mount Vesuvius providing a beautiful backdrop.

13. Marina Puerto Los Cabos, Mexico

Marina Puerto Los Cabos is located adjacent to the San Jose estuary, a few miles from historic downtown San Jose del Cabo. Offering a full-service experience with all necessary amenities, this marina provides a laid-back experience near the history and culture of Old Mexico.

ty downs IjjGIs01WHk unsplash

As one of the premier marinas on the entire west coast of Mexico, it currently has 200 slips and can accommodate megayachts up to 250 feet in length. It offers concierge services, a maintenance yard, and various other amenities sought by discerning boaters​​.

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