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TATIANA Yacht – Classy $100M Superyacht

She can easily accommodate 12 guests and welcome up to 24 crew members at a time. She can go to a top speed of 19 knots and has a cruising speed of 12 knots.

Length:80m (262ft)
Builder:Bilgin Yachts
Designer:Unique Yacht Design
Interior Designer:H2 Yacht Design
Volume:1695 tons
Price:US$ 100 million
Annual Running:US$ 8-10 million

TATIANA yacht interior

Interior designing TATIANA was H2 Yacht Design. H2 Yacht Design was established back in 1994 and not only specializes in interior yacht design but has worked in the exteriors of other superyachts.

H2 Yacht Design is based in London, prides itself on a rich experience regarding architecture, and is always committed to tailoring to its client’s preferences.

Their expert team always ensures clients that every element and detail is considered.  They also have different services such as CAD drawings, conceptual proposals, and On-site supervision.

Aboard the TATIANA yacht is a plethora of amenities and entertainment-related equipment.

Guests can indulge themselves in a relaxing day on the yacht with her large swimming pool, mega jacuzzi, beach club, steam room, spa room, sauna, full-blown gym, exercise equipment, full air conditioning, and has wifi.

There are also tons of toys guests can play around with, such as the 7.5-meter Tender Boat, jet skis, sea bobs, wakeboard, electric surfboard, inflatable kayak, and even diving snorkeling equipment.

She can readily accommodate 12 up o 16 guests at a time by utilizing her eight staterooms and can be attended to by 21 to 24 qualified crew members when venturing out to sea.


TATIANA was built with a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure. She has an overall length of 80 meters or 262 feet, a beam of 12.2 meters or 40 feet, and a maximum draught of 3.5 meters or 11.6 feet.

Powering this 80-meter superyacht are two diesel-type MTU engines that output 5250 horsepower.

These massive engines enable the TATIANA yacht to be 12 knots and a maximum speed of 19 knots.

Her enormous fuel capacity of 155,000 liters, and water capacity of 45,000 liters, allow her to cover distances of 5000 nautical miles.


Exteriorly designing the TATIANA yacht is Unique Yacht Design, a company that has worked with several superyachts since their conception in 2010.

They have worked in yachts’ exteriors such as Blaundus B30-2, the Kasif, Snow 5 (Ex Lilium), and Lion Spirit, a 57.28-meter vessel capable of going to speeds of up to 17 knots.

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