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TIM HEYWOOD – Amazing Facts

Tim Heywood is a multiple award-winning yacht designer with an exceptionally robust portfolio. He is responsible for some of the world’s most sought-after and largest yachts in history.

Yacht Designer:Tim Heywood
Founded:15 February 1996
Headquarters: Hampshire, United Kingdom.
CEO: Tim Heywood
Turnover: >$13 million
Employees: Between 10 to 50

Personal Bio

After graduating from the Central School of Art and Design, Heywood spent more than two decades working with the acclaimed yacht designer, Jon Bannenberg.

After gaining the much-needed experience, he proceeded to launch his design studio with his business partner and wife, Vanessa, in 1996.

It’s from that studio that Heywood created some of his most famous works. Tim Heywood Designs Limited is located in Hampshire, a beautiful city in the United Kingdom.

It has over 20 staff members to ensure that workflow and production are seamless.


Apart from being an amiable yacht designer, Heywood worked with several top yacht builders, like Lürssen.

His fleet of designs made him stand out from other yacht designers, as he was thorough, and meticulous and worked closely with clients to turn their imaginations into reality.

Among his exceptional designs are the elegant 115-m Pelorus, the stunning 85.6-m Aquila, and the mammoth 147-m Lürssen A+.

His company also built the 133-m AL MIRQAB, which was recognized in 2009 as the ‘Motor Yacht of the Year’ at the World Superyacht Awards.


One look at any of Tim Heywood’s designs, and you’d immediately associate them with grace and timelessness.

It’s not surprising that he won the International Superyacht Society (ISS) Leadership Award in 2015.

Designed By Tim Heywood

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