Vagit Alekperov – $26 Billion Net Worth

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Vagit Alekperov is a Russian-Azerbaijani businessman that served as president of Lukoil, an oil company, from 1993 to 2022. He has a net worth of $20.5 billion.

He began his working career as a Caspian Sea oil rig worker and became the deputy minister overseeing the oil industry in the Soviet Union.

He is also the owner of the superyacht builder Heesen yachts and owns GALACTICA SUPER NOVA and GALACTICA PLUS.

NAMEVagit Alekperov
NET WORTH$26 billion
COUNTRYMoscow, Russia

Vagit Alekperov NET WORTH

According to Forbes, Alekperov has a net worth of $20.5 billion. He is the owner of the superyachts GALACTICA SUPER NOVA and GALACTICA PLUS.

Alekperov owns Heesen Yachts, along with his business partner Leonid Fedun. They purchased in 2008, buying the superyacht builder from founder Frans Heesen for EUR 170 million.

The company has annual sales of over $125 million. Alekperov’s GALACTICA is the biggest yacht ever built by Heesen Yachts, among several other yachts the company has built for the billionaire.

Alekperov was sanctioned in April 2022 by Australia and UK, along with numerous other Russian oligarchs following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In response to the allegations, Lukoil stated that he had stepped down and resigned from the board of directors after 29 years. 


Alekperov earned his reputation in the oil industry when he worked at the Surgutneftegas between 1975 and 1989.

He ascended positions and became the first deputy general director of Bashneft production company in 1985. He became the general director of the newly created company Kogalymneftegaz in 1987.

In 1990, Alekperov was appointed as the deputy minister of the Oil and Gas industry in the Soviet Union. He became the youngest deputy energy minister in Soviet history.

This coincided with the time that Western oil companies actively began searching for partners in Russia. Alekperov was a spearhead for the negotiations.

In 1993, Alekperov created Lukoil and became the board’s president and chairman. In 2002, Alekperov owned 10.4% of the company. Lukoil was the first Russian company to acquire an American company, acquiring Getty Petroleum Marketing and 1300 gas stations in the US in 2000.

Alekperov had also moved to bank and media like many other oligarchs at the time. He became one of the two main owners of the IFD Kapital Group in 2006 with his business partner Leonid Fedun.

The company is active in asset management, banking and media, information technology, and real estate. 

It has more than $15 billion in assets and was formed from the billionaire’s non-oil assets. In 2018, he said he was looking for a successor and that a staff reshuffle could take place in 2023.


Alekperov is married to Larisa Victorovna Alekperova. The couple she a son, Yusuf, who was born in 1990. Alekperov has an interesting hobby: numismatics.

It is the study and collection of currency. Although the true extent of his collection is unknown, it is reported to be one of the largest private collections in Russia.

Forbes reports that his private Museum of Numismatics has more than 700 counts on display, about a quarter of the entire collection. Gold coins, from antiquity to modern Russia, silver coins, and a few platinum coins from the Russian Empire are all included in the collection.

He is an active philanthropist and defended The Foundation Our Future to promote social entrepreneurship in Russia. He donated RUB 652 million in 2022 during the COVID pandemic.

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