Lazzarini’s Wayaland – Floating City of Solar-Paneled Pyramids

As climate change and rising sea levels become increasingly concerning issues, designers are looking for creative solutions.

Pierpaolo Lazzarini of Lazzarini Design has presented an exciting concept: floating homes.

His Wayaland community has pushed this idea further, offering a unique and innovative approach to tackling the effects of global warming.

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Wayaland is an innovative and unique living experience comprised of a series of solar-paneled pyramids, known as “Wayas”.

These pyramids, inspired by the architecture of the Mayan and Japanese cultures, are self-sufficient and modular, able to move short distances. Wayaland provides a new concept of floating city, combining the best of both yachts and houses.

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The Wayaland community is an innovative and modern concept that combines advanced design and technology with an eco-friendly approach.

Every Waya is made with a combination of fiberglass, carbon fiber and steel, and is equipped with a floating platform with an underwater room that can be used for storage or as a bedroom.

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This unique living space is a perfect example of what is possible when creative engineering meets sustainability.

A Waya is a multi-purpose floating structure that can be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from hotels and residential units to gyms, cinemas, shops, and even sports venues.

The largest Waya is an impressive 30-meter-high structure that boasts 10 floors and 6,500 square meters of total surface area. It offers a wide array of amenities, such as a boat garage, roof-top pools, and helipads.

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Wayas are self-sustaining floating structures that are equipped with solar panels, wind turbines, and batteries, which provide power to the entire system.

The energy generated by these sources is used to power the desalinators that are stored under the main level, as well as other services and systems.

Additionally, the Wayas have weights to keep them stable, and they can also act as mooring docks for powerboats, larger watercraft, or even as charging stations.

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Lazzarini Design has launched a crowdfunding campaign to make the bold dream of Wayaland a reality. It is aiming to raise €350,000 to build the smallest, basic unit of the community.

In exchange for their support, pledgers have the chance to receive a Wayaland passport, vote on the location of a future Wayaland community, or even enjoy one-night stays for two people at the first hotel that will open.

The Wayaland project is an ambitious, environmentally friendly vision of a future where life is a perpetual holiday.

The Wayaland project is an impressive demonstration of how modern technology, design, and environmental consciousness can be blended to produce an innovative lifestyle on the water.

Its ultimate success is yet to be determined, but the ambition and creativity behind it are undeniable.

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