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Welcome to Yacht Bible, the ultimate destination for superyacht enthusiasts looking to explore our comprehensive collection of superyachts from all around the world. With a database compiled of hundreds of the best luxury yachts, all of the yachts on this site are owned by the wealthy elite. 

Each of the superyachts in our database has been broken down to give you the best insight into the incredible specifications and luxury features that these vessels have to offer. 

From swimming pools, beach clubs, elevators, and a plethora of toys such as jetskis, helicopters, and tenders, these yachts truly have it all. Join us as we delve into the history and take a closer in-depth look at the design of these ‘giant jewels of the ocean’.

Yacht Owner Database …

Not only do we explore these superyachts in detail, but we also take a closer look at the owners and explore how they can afford such magnificent vessels. 

From self-made entrepreneur billionaires to royalty and celebrities, we explore their backgrounds and how they use these ultimate leisure crafts.

At Yacht Bible we strive to keep the information as up-to-date as possible by following the sale history of each of the yachts listed in order to bring you the latest information on the owners to add an extra layer of insight into the world of the wealthy.

We respect owners’ rights to privacy so any owner featured on our database is free to reach out in order to have information changed or removed by contacting us.

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