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The Stunning Ritz Carlton EVRIMA Yacht

When it comes to combining luxury, performance, and sophistication in the yachting world, few vessels can hold a candle to the majesty of EVRIMA. Delivered by The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, this innovative 624-foot vessel is a testament to modern yachting elegance.

Situated in the glamorous superyacht marinas of Barcelona, Spain, and Bridgetown, Barbados, EVRIMA stands in a league of her own, ready to set sail to signature destinations like St. Barts, Mykonos, and Saint-Tropez​

EVRIMA is not just a yacht; she is a floating luxury hotel, accommodating up to 298 guests in her 149 meticulously designed suites. The suites range in size from 300-square-foot Terrace suites to the crown jewel Owner’s Suite, which boasts over 1,000 square feet of luxury. The intimate size of EVRIMA ensures a personalized experience for everyone on board, with a crew of 246 attending to every need and whim​.

Length:190 meters (624 feet)
Builder:The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection
Designer:GMC Architecture – Admiral
Interior Designer:GMC Architecture – Admiral
Yacht Evrima ritz carlton

EVRIMA Yacht Interior

EVRIMA’s interiors are as breathtaking as the seas she sails. The yacht features a range of suites including 300-square-foot Terrace suites, 575-square-foot View suites, 600-square-foot two-story Lofts, and the crown jewel Owner’s Suite with over 1,000 square feet of opulent space​. Every suite is a haven of luxury, offering guests a serene retreat after a day of exploration.

The dedicated crew of 246 ensures all needs are met, offering a highly personalized experience for everyone on board​.

EVRIMA Yacht Exterior

Details regarding the exterior design of EVRIMA are yet to be explored. However, the sleek silhouette of the yacht coupled with modern design elements surely encapsulates the essence of modern yachting elegance.

EVRIMA Yacht Specifications

As a remarkable vessel from The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, EVRIMA sets the bar high when it comes to luxury cruising. Although the specifications regarding her speed, engine type, and cruising range are yet to be disclosed, the yacht promises to deliver an unmatched cruising experience.

EVRIMA Yacht Price

The pricing details of EVRIMA are yet to be unveiled. However, she represents a significant investment in luxury cruising, offering an exceptional value for the discerning yachtsman.

EVRIMA Yacht Conclusion

In summary, EVRIMA is a floating masterpiece that elevates the very notion of luxury travel on the high seas. From her meticulously designed suites to her exceptional service, and from her ability to reach signature destinations to her promise of an immersive experience with locally-inspired food and thoughtful shore excursions, EVRIMA leaves nothing to be desired​.

Whether you’re seeking an unparalleled family vacation or looking to explore the azure waters of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean from a supremely comfortable base, EVRIMA offers a sublime yachting experience that promises to be as unforgettable as the destinations she can take you to.

In a world where luxury and performance often intersect, EVRIMA is a shining example of what it means to travel in style on the high seas.

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