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TANGO Yacht – Viktor Vekselberg’s $120 Million Superyacht

TANGO yacht is a colossal superyacht owned by the Russian billionaire businessman Viktor Vekselberg.

Fully custom with 1,730 HP diesel engines, it exudes power and luxury. It was built in the Netherlands by Feadship and was delivered to the owner in March 2011. 

She currently sails under the Cook Islands flag and docks at the Astilleros de Mallorca refit yard in Spain.   

Length:78 metres
Designer:Harrisson Eidgaard
Interior Designer:Harrisson Eidgaard
Speed:21 knots
Volume:2,083 ton

TANGO yacht interior

The interior was designed by Harrison Eidsgaard, a London-based studio that’s passionate about creating unique designs tailored to the owner’s lifestyle. They also worked on notable yacht and aircraft projects. 

Accommodation for the guests is offered on the main deck. There’s a hall that leads to a private study and the owner’s stateroom with his/hers bath and dressing room. This custom-built superyacht also boasts a massage/beauty salon and custom furniture pieces. 

While the exact looks of the interior remain private, we know that its design elements are unparalleled.

Harrison Eidsgaard is known for their passion for detail while drawing inspiration from their varying backgrounds.   


Harrison Eidsgaard designed the exterior of the TANGO yacht. The steel hull, a teak deck, and an aluminum framework form a muscular yet elegant profile.

The top deck has grey/silver elements, creating a gentle contrast with the silver base. TANGO also features the signature Feadship signature lines, a symbol of style and performance.   

The contra-flow pool and a sundeck with an outdoor cinema are on the aft. There is comfortable seating, an impressive bar, a sky lounge, and al-fresco dining.    

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the TANGO yacht has a stunning length of 77.7m (254’11”) with a 12.2m (40’0″) beam. Her draft measures 3.65m (11’12”) and weighs 2083 tons.

With four diesel-type MTU engines, she can cruise up to a top speed of 21.0 knots.

She also carries 202 000 liters of fuel and 41,000 liters of water. As the 20th largest yacht built by Feadship, she can accommodate up to 14 guests and 22 crew members.   


As of today, the Feadship motor yacht Tango is not for sale. However, it has an estimated price of $120 million.    

Tango Yacht Owner – Viktor Vekselberg

This motor yacht belongs to the Russian businessman Viktor Vekselberg. He founded the Renova Group in 1990, a conglomerate that invests in commodities such as oil, energy, aluminum, and telecommunications,

With a net worth of around 16.9 billion USD, he ranks as the 109th richest person in the world. 

Vekselberg is also known for his passion for art. In 2004, he bought nine Fabergé Imperial Easter eggs from the Forbes in New York and transported them to Russia.

He also paid $1 million for the transportation expenses of the Lowell House Bells from Harvard University to their home in Danilov Monastery. In 2005, he paid $1.7 million to Christie’s for a painting.

Experts eventually found out that the artwork wasn’t authentic resulting in the auction company returning his $1.7 Million, plus $1 Million for other expenses.

TANGO Yacht docking in Gibraltar

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