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Unveiling The Kensho Yacht: A 75-Meter Masterpiece

In the exclusive world of superyachts, Admiral Yachts’ 75-meter motor Kensho yacht shines as a beacon of innovation, elegance, and opulent luxury. Delivered in 2022, with design architecture by Azure Yacht Design & Naval Architecture and luxurious interiors by Jouin Manku, Kensho redefines the possibilities of high-seas indulgence.

Length:75 meters (246 feet)
Guests:12 in 8 cabins
Crew:20 in 12 cabins
Designer:Azure Yacht Design & Naval Architecture
Interior Designer:Jouin Manku
Speed:15 knots
Volume:1,989 ton
Price:$110 million
Annual Running Cost: $5-10 million
OwnerUdo Mueller

Distinctive Accommodations

Kensho yacht
Photos via Admiral Yachts

The multi-award-winning Kensho offers lavish accommodation for up to 16 guests across eight suites. This includes a plush master suite, two VIP cabins, two twin cabins, and three convertible cabins that can operate as twins or doubles.

Furthermore, the superyacht ensures a top-tier service experience with a crew of 20, dedicated to attending to every whim of the guests onboard.

Kensho Yacht Amenities

The onboard amenities of Kensho stand in a league of their own. A functional elevator ensures easy access to all parts of the yacht, while an inviting pool and deck jacuzzi promise aquatic leisure like no other. The superyacht also features a state-of-the-art gym for those who prefer staying active.

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Additionally, the integrated beach club offers an extraordinary setting to enjoy the azure waters, and after sunset, the underwater lights around Kensho create an ethereal atmosphere, making every evening unforgettable. Keeping in touch with the world or streaming your favorite shows is effortless thanks to satellite communication systems and onboard Wi-Fi.

Kensho Yacht Performance

Kensho is not just about luxury; it’s about exceptional performance. Built with a robust steel hull and a sleek aluminum superstructure, the yacht promises remarkable stability.

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Powered by twin Caterpillar engines, the Kensho yacht effortlessly cruises at 11 knots, with a top speed of 15 knots. She boasts an impressive range of 4,500 nautical miles, thanks to her substantial fuel capacity of 145,000 liters, making her ideal for long-haul voyages across oceans.

Kensno Yacht Toys and Tenders

For thrill-seekers and water sports enthusiasts, Kensho comes packed with an arsenal of aquatic toys. Jet skis offer power and speed on the water, while towable toys and inflatable water toys promise fun for all ages.

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The yacht also features bikes for onshore exploration. In terms of tenders, Kensho impresses with a 9-meter Steeler Limo Tender among others, ensuring that trips to the shore are as luxurious as time spent onboard.

Chartering in Exotic Locales

Currently, Kensho yacht is available for luxury charters in the Mediterranean. With already open bookings for winter cruising in Bermuda and the Caribbean, the yacht offers a versatile array of destination options.

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Photos via Admiral Yachts

Kensho Yacht Price

Owning the Kensho yacht is an investment in unparalleled luxury. Priced at $110 million, with annual running costs between $5-10 million, this superyacht is a preserve of the ultra-wealthy. Udo Mueller, the current owner, belongs to this elite group, exemplifying a taste for extraordinary opulence and advanced marine engineering.

Kensho Yacht Conclusion

The Kensho superyacht stands as a symbol of Admiral Yachts’ commitment to pioneering design, unmatched luxury, and superior craftsmanship. From its high-tech communication amenities to its vast array of water toys and athletic equipment, Kensho delivers on all fronts.

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Photos via Admiral Yachts

More than just a superyacht, Kensho is a testament to what is possible when visionary design meets state-of-the-art engineering and lavish comforts. Whether you wish to bask in the Mediterranean sun, explore the Caribbean’s azure waters, or simply unwind in an unparalleled oceanic retreat, Kensho promises an experience unlike any other.

In the ever-evolving world of superyachts, Kensho sets a new benchmark, combining technological innovation, nautical prowess, and sheer luxury in one staggering package. As you step aboard this floating palace, you’re not merely chartering a yacht; you’re indulging in an elite lifestyle reserved for the chosen few.

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