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H Yacht – Extraordinary $150M Superyacht

Oceanco’s H Yacht is the epitome of luxury and extravagance. With a price tag of $150M, a yacht of this magnitude is not for everyone.

Owned currently by the Saudi Royal Family, this is one of the most expensive yachts in the world. The design and quality of this extravagant boat meet every cruise lover’s expectations of excellence.

Name:H Yacht
Length:95m (312ft)
Designer:The A Group
Interior Designer:The A Group
Speed:24 knots
Volume:3,176 tons
Price:US $150 million
Annual Running Cost:US $15 million

H Yacht interior

The inside of the yacht is just as extravagant as the outside. There are several luxurious and spacious rooms to relax in, including a spa, and several guest bedrooms.

The main salon is elegantly decorated with high-quality flooring and wood paneling. There are a lot of amenities here for comfortable accommodation during cruises.

The decks of Oceanco’s H Yacht are perfect for soaking up the sun or enjoying a cocktail with friends. There is plenty of space to spread out and relax.

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The yacht has a staggering length of about 95M and can carry up to 32 guests. It has a crew capacity of 42 out of whom many works on the yacht all year round keeping it clean and well-maintained for when the royal family members and their friends want to visit.

Both the interior and the exterior of the yacht were designed by The A Group. It has a volume of approximately 3176 tons.

The H Yacht was built in the year 2000 and has an MTU engine installed in it. One of the best features of this yacht is the fast speed at which it can travel as the yacht has a top speed of 24 knots.

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The Exterior

The exterior of the yacht is just as beautiful as the inside. It is designed in a sleek and modern style that will turn heads.

The white color looks very elegant and classy, making this yacht look more exquisite and luxurious.

With its high price tag and luxurious design, it’s easy to see why Oceanco’s H Yacht is one of the most extravagant superyachts in the world.

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