KHALILAH Yacht – Alexei Gulobovich’s $30,000,000 Superyacht

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Past Yukos director and founder of Arbat Capital, Alexei Gulobovich is the proud owner of KHALILAH yacht. Measuring a length of 48 metre’s this $30 Million beauty was built by the US shipyard Palmer Johnson in 2015 and is currently available for charter. She has space for eleven guests in five cabins and is easily recognisable due to her golden finish.

Guests:10 in 5 cabins
Crew:9 in 4 cabins
Builder:Palmer Johnson
Designer:Palmer Johnson Design Team
Interior Designer:Luxury Projects
Speed:32 knots
Volume:485 ton
Price:US $30 million
Annual Running Cost:US $1 – 3 million
Owner:Alexei Gulobovich

KHALILAH yacht interior

All design stages, including the interior of the KHALILAH yacht, were completed by Palmer Johnson Yachts. There are five cabins on board that can accommodate up to eleven guests. KHALILAH has twin master suites, one VIP cabin, one double cabin, as well as a twin and an additional Pullman berth.

Nine crew members find space in cabins below deck. KHALILAH is often described as a family-friendly yacht with a lot of features that are adjusted to children including her unusual interior design. 

In addition to her wide selection of water toys, families will appreciate the cabin layout and the onboard jacuzzi. The beach club is perfect for a quick swim before a delicious dinner prepared by the five-star chef on board KHALILAH.

The yacht has impressive underwater lighting, wifi and an upscale entertainment system. The interior of KHALILAH was designed to be tasteful and contemporary.

The style is somewhat eccentric in places, with colourful patterns and unusual features like a squid-shaped lamp in the main salon. This is yet another aspect in which KHALILAH is an excellent yacht for families and not a conventional charter vessel.

Palmer Johnson gave her a unique interior to set KHALILAH apart from other superyachts and to match her already prominent exterior. The furnishings of the yacht also have a distinct south-east Asian influence, with several buddha statues spread throughout the vessel.

Several cabins have intricate wood carvings decorating the walls, and there are traditional decorations and murals to be found onboard the luxury yacht.

Most notably, one of the bathrooms is entirely decorated with a colourful mosaic depicting cartoon-like sea animals, which is sure to be popular among children spending time aboard KHALILAH. Other bathrooms are more minimalistic with white marble finishes and discreet mosaics of trees and other natural scenes.


The KHALILA yacht is 48 metres (157.6 ft) long with an 11-metre (36.1 ft) beam and a 2.1-metre (6.11 ft) draft. She is considered the world’s first all-carbon superyacht and is especially environmentally friendly with reduced emissions and exceptional fuel efficiency.

Both her hull and superstructure are built out of carbon, making her a lightweight vessel at only 485 tons. She is powered by twin MTU engines which allow her to reach impressive speeds of up to 30 knots.

She comfortably cruises at 28 knots, making her one of the faster yachts in her size category. Due to her highly efficient engines, she still has a range of 1,500 nautical miles and is the perfect yacht for visiting destinations in shallow waters due to her low draft.


The KHALILAH yacht is one of the most striking superyachts in the world and is guaranteed to draw attention wherever she goes with her pearlescent gold finish.

She is accompanied by a matching 6.8-metre (22 ft) gold tender, and her aerodynamic design gives her a sleek and elegant appearance.

On the aft, the yacht has a spacious swimming platform and storage area for water toys with an adjacent seating area with a beach club.

With her many floor to ceiling windows and large decks, KHALILAH perfectly merges indoor and outdoor living and provides guests with a plethora of choices for relaxing and enjoying the views.

One of her more unusual features is the custom extendable staircase that can be used to board guests but can also be extended onto the water if requested as an unconventional seating area.

The exterior of KHALILAH was designed by Palmer Johnson Yachts, which is also the shipyard where the vessel was constructed.

As a charter yacht, Khalilah has a fantastic selection of water toys on board to entertain her guests. There are jet skis, water skis, kayaks, paddleboards and inflatables, all stored on the aft of the vessel.

The adjacent deck is exceptionally large and measures over 110 square feet giving guests plenty of space for sunbathing or exercising. 


Golubovich purchased Khalilah for an estimated price of US $30 million in 2015. She generates annual running costs of approximately US $1 to $3 million.

Khalilah is available for charter at a weekly price of US $225,000 per week during both the winter and summer seasons. She is based in the Mediterranean and is primarily available for charter there.

Khalilah is also available for sale at a listing price of US $28,5 million, although it is unclear whether a buyer has already been found. 


Alexei Golubovich, the owner of Khalilah, is a Russian millionaire and founder of the investment firm Arbat Capital. He also holds considerable shares in the Russian BKF Bank, although he initially made the majority of his fortune in the oil and energy sector.

BKF Bank is led by Golubovich’s ex-wife Olga with whom he shares three children. He separated from Olga in 2019, and their divorce ended up in court when Alexei Golubovich sued his ex-wife over art and jewellery worth more than US $14 million.

Golubovich was accused by his daughter of having stolen more than US $4 million worth of sculptures and valuables that he had previously gifted his wife by smuggling it out of his daughter’s apartment in suitcases.

The divorce is said to have caused considerable financial problems for the Russian businessman, and he even put motor yacht KHALILAH up for sale, although it is not confirmed whether the two events are related.

Golubovich owns a beautiful riverside property in London, which was at the centre of divorce negotiations between him and his wife. It is unclear who gained ownership of the mansion and the family’s superyacht and whether Golubovich is even still the legal owner of Khalilah.

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