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MADAME GU Yacht – Exclusive $150 Million Superyacht

The MADAME GU yacht is a 99-meter masterpiece built in 2013. With its unique design and large size, she is a yacht that stands out from the crowd.

With the capacity to comfortably accommodate 12 guests in 6 cabins and 36 crew in 18 cabins, she was built by the world-renowned Feadship.

Name:Madame Gu
Length:99 meters (325ft)
Guests:12 in 6 cabins
Crew:36 in 18 cabins
Interior Designer:Winch
Speed:24 knots
Volume:2,991 ton
Price:US $150 million
Annual Running Cost:US $10 – 15 million

MADAME GU yacht interior

Similar to the outside, the inside of the MADAME GU yacht was also designed by Winch Designs. Winch Designs has planned out the interiors of over 60 yachts.

There are many fun amenities on this vessel, but one of the coolest just might be the enclosed helicopter hangar.

It is pretty wild to think that a helicopter can fit on a ship, but that is just how big MADAME GU is.

Some other neat features of this superyacht are a gym, a jacuzzi, a helipad, an elevator, a beach club that wraps around the ship, and air conditioning.

Even when you are on the sea things can get hot, so having air conditioning is a much-needed addition.

There are many aspects to MADAME GU that make her distinctive, but her impressive speed and size have contributed to her breaking numerous records.

Sometimes it is good to break from the industry standard and create your own thing.

MADAME GU has taken motor yacht design to a whole different level and has definitely been an inspiration for many other superyachts.


The MADAME GU yacht has quite an impressive speed despite its massive size. Her fastest speed is around 4.87 knots above average, while her cruising speed surpasses the average by about 0.59 knots.

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This great speed is thanks to the MTU that powers MADAME GU. It costs around $15 million to run the ship on an annual basis.

The superyacht measures 99 meters long and can host up to 12 guests and 36 crew members in her 30 cabins.  

MADAME GU also has a Eurocopter Dauphin AS 365N3, an incredible tender with a price tag of about $9 million.


Designed by Winch Design, the MADAME GU yacht has a unique and gorgeous exterior style. The hull is a beautiful shade of blue, and the long bow gives her a special charm.

When night comes around, there are multi-colored lights on the ship below the waterline, making MADAME GU stand out with its bold, bright color show.

It is guaranteed that everyone will know when MADAME GU is docked at the port. Thanks to Winch Design, who has designed the exteriors of over 20 yachts, this superyacht is a stunning site to see.

MADAME GU yacht summary

MADAME GU yacht is a true masterpiece of design and engineering. Built in 2013 by Feadship. This 99-meter superyacht it a remarkable vessel that stands out from the rest.

With its luxurious and spacious interior, designed by Winch Designs, it offers the utmost comfort and accommodation for its 12 guests and 36 crew members.

One of the standout features of MADAME GU is its enclosed helicopter hangar, which showcases the yacht’s immense size and capability.

This superyacht also boasts a range of amenities, including a gym, jacuzzi, helipad, elevator, beach club, and air conditioning, ensuring a luxurious experience for all on board.

MADAME GU has not only set new standards in terms of its design and features but has also achieved impressive records in terms of speed.

Powered by MTU engines, it surpasses average cruising speeds and has become an inspiration for other superyachts in the industry.

The exterior design of MADAME GU is equally breathtaking, with its striking blue hull and captivating lighting system that illuminates the ship below the waterline.

Thanks to the expertise of Winch Design, the yacht’s exterior stands out as a stunning sight in any port.

MADAME GU is a true testament to the pursuit of excellence in the world of superyachts. Its unique design, exceptional features, and remarkable performance make it a remarkable vessel that continues to inspire and captivate those who encounter it.

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