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MADAME KATE Yacht – Pristine $75M Superyacht

MADAME KATE yacht is incredible for many reasons. The $75 million superyacht was originally created to the owner in 2015 and has won numerous awards since. Named after his dog, Madame Kate explores spectacular designs and bold colors.

Name:Madame Kate
Length:60m (197 ft)
Designer:Tim Heywood
Interior Designer:Laura Sessa
Speed:17 knots
Volume:1,140 ton
Price:US $75 million
Annual Running Cost:US $7.5 million

MADAME KATE yacht background

According to the most recent data, she is sailing under the Cayman Islands flag, which has around 1,230 yachts registered to it.

Although this superyacht is a sight to see, it only took 24 months for MADAME KATE to be delivered to its owner. A large feat in the world of yacht building. 

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This superyacht measures 60 meters long and can reach up to 17 knots in speed. For such a large ship, it is interesting to note that her cruising speed is above average by 0.65 knots which is thanks to its awesome Caterpillar engines.

The MADAME KATE yacht can take up to 12 guests and a 15-member crew. The superstructure of the ship was built using aluminum with a teak-laid deck, but the hull of the ship was made using steel. 


The spectacular exterior of the MADAME KATE yacht was designed by Tim Heywood who has designed over 50 superyachts.

When tasked by the owner to create a ship that stood out from the rest, Heywood designed an avant-garde Scimitar bow and added a pearl effect paint to the ship.

The pearl effect was an incredibly hard task to take on. According to the paint manager, Aerie Springvloet Dubbeld, if there was even one mistake in the paint job, they would have to start over from zero.

With a 60-meter superyacht, that is no small task. The pearl effect creates a unique visual effect where viewers see a multitude of colors reflected off the ship, even though it is actually all painted one color.

It adds a unique, but polished addition to Madame Kate’s already gorgeous design.

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MADAME KATE yacht interior

The interior of the MADAME KATE yacht is just as amazing as the exterior. Designed by Laura Sessa Design, the inside of the superyacht is both sophisticated and colorful.

The owners wanted to bring in their native Brazilian style, and focus on bold colors to evoke a sense of joyfulness.

Laura Sessa Design, who has worked on over 20 superyachts, delivered just that. With a youthful vibe and usage of color, the interior would make anyone feel happy just being there.

The ship is filled with planked wooden floors to give off a sense of casual sophistication.

The owners wanted to not only make guests feel joyous but also comfortable in their superyacht.

There is a fully equipped beach club and gym for guests to enjoy while visiting MADAME KATE.

The goal of the MADAME KATE yacht was to create a bold yet joyous vibe for anyone who boards her. Thanks to the hard work of multiple designers, this was definitely achieved.

It is interesting to see how well the bold choices of the designers worked, and we hope to see more of these designs in future yachts.

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