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MAN OF STEEL Yacht – Premier $150 M Superyacht

Measuring 86 meters, she is one of the world’s largest yachts.

Previously known as SEVEN SEAS, the name was inspired by the fact Spielberg had seven children. He owned the vessel from her delivery in 2010 through to 2021.

Name:Man of Steel
Designer:Nuvolari Lenard
Interior Designer:Nuvolari Lenard
Speed:20 knots
Volume:2,658 ton
Price:US $150 million
Annual Running Cost:US $10–15 million

MAN OF STEEL yacht interior

The interior of the MAN OF STEEL yacht includes a fully equipped gym, a spa, a beach club, a movie theatre, a beauty salon, a dance floor, and of course, a glass elevator that connects the different levels of the yacht. 

The gym is arguably one of the most impressive parts of this superyacht as it has floor-to-ceiling windows providing great views from one of the upper decks of the vessel.

This allows guests to have a beautiful view of not only the pool below but also the breathtaking scenery this yacht might pass when underway.

The private owners’ deck offers a fantastic state-of-the-art master bedroom with its own dressing room as well as an attached office or study. This suite includes its own private deck area with a sizable jacuzzi perfect for relaxing and drinking a glass of wine under starry skies. 

The six additional luxurious suites can accommodate 12 additional guests allowing the MAN OF STEEL to welcome up to 14 guests in total who are tended to by 23 crew members.

The MAN OF STEEL interior was designed by Nuvolari & Lenard and Molly Isaksen and is equipped with exquisite furniture made of walnut, teak, and rosewood, accented with natural materials and fabrics.

The design of the yacht interior is simple yet classy, with clean and minimalist spaces. Wooden furnishings can be found in all parts of the vessel, although the interior is not as opulently furnished and decorated as other superyachts in its price category.

Nuvolari & Lenard is a renowned design duo that specializes in traditional yacht design for vessels between 25 and 185 meters in length. Their aim is to redefine beauty while keeping classical elements in mind.

In collaboration with the American interior designer Molly Isaksen, they created a one-of-a-kind fusion of naval architecture, incorporating contemporary and traditional elements in the interior of this beautiful vessel.

The MAN OF STEEL offers a 250 square feet semi-covered sundeck, which is located adjacent to the main salon that provides enough space for larger events and celebrations aboard the vessel.

A crew of 23 members of staff offers an excellent 5-star service and fulfills every possible wish of the guests onboard the MAN OF STEEL superyacht.

With excellent fine dining capabilities and luxurious amenities, this yacht is ideal for private ownership as well as high-end charter service.


Yacht specifications

The MAN OF STEEL has a length of 86 meters (282.15 ft) with a beam of 14.2 meters (46.6 ft) and a draft of 3.91 meters (13 ft)​​.

She was built by Oceana in Alblasserdam, the Netherlands using mainly steel and aluminum which is their specialty. MAN OF STEEL was completed and delivered to Steven Spielberg in 2010.

The yacht has her main port in George Town, the capital of the Cayman Islands, under whose flag she sails and she has been spotted as far south as the port of Puerto Escondido.

With a weight of 2.658 tons and an output of 6,984 kW (9,496 hp), the MAN OF STEEL can reach top speeds of 20 knots.

Her maximum range lies at 4,750 nautical miles, which is respectable considering her size.

Yacht exterior

Designed by Azure Naval Architects and styled by Nuvolari & Lenard, the MAN OF STEEL yacht combines exceptional craftsmanship with unique outlines.

The hull of the ship is set in an elegant dark blue, while the upper decks were left in the traditional brilliant white that many yachts bear.

On the aft deck, you will find an impressive infinity pool with an incredible 4.6 meter (15 ft) glass wall, which doubles as a movie screen if required. The aft has another slightly smaller pool as well as a sizable deck with comfortable seating.

This deck can be used as a helipad for smaller aircraft allowing guests to arrive in style. When this area isn’t needed for landing purposes, it can be covered completely by large awnings providing additional shade to guests.

Seven seas drone shot

Toys and equipment

A yacht this size naturally comes with lots of toys and equipment to entertain the guests onboard.

The MAN OF STEEL carries four jet skis, several sea bobs, kayaks, paddleboards, snorkeling equipment, and much more. 

The two tenders onboard the vessel are always ready to take the guests to the mainland or to the nearest secluded beach.

Spielberg purchased them from Hodgdon Yachts, a shipyard based in Maine in the United States after MAN OF STEEL was delivered in 2010.

The larger of the two tenders, the Limo, has space for twelve people with luxurious leather upholstery, flatscreen television, and air conditioning.

When the weather is nice, the roof of the tender can be lifted and opened using hydraulics.

Additional information

In 2013 MAN OF STEEL was overhauled and refitted by Amico & Co, a well-known superyacht repair and design company.

The shipyard is based in Genoa, Italy, and has a 60,000 m² dock and operating area where work on both smaller and larger vessels can be carried out.

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