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AL SALAMAH Yacht: A Masterpiece of Maritime Elegance

The Al Salamah yacht was launched in 1999 by the reputable German shipyard, HDW and Mariotti Yachts, and originally belonged to the late Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia.

At 139.3 meters (457 ft), Al Salamah is indeed an imposing presence in the yachting world and ranks among the largest superyachts globally.

The yacht has since changed hands and its current owner remains undisclosed.

Name:Al Salamah
Length:139.3 meters
Builder:HDW and Mariotti Yachts
Designer:Terence Disdale
Interior Designer:Terence Disdale
Speed:21 knots
Volume:7,600 ton

Al Salamah Yacht Interior

There aren’t any official photos of the Al Salamah’s interiors available to the public due to the privacy of the owners.

However, considering the yacht’s striking and elegant exterior, it’s reasonable to assume that the interior follows a similar pattern of refined luxury.

Acclaimed British designer, Terence Disdale, is known to have worked on the yacht’s interior and exterior design, but details remain discreet.

The Al Salamah yacht, being one of the largest in the world, can house an incredible 40 guests onboard.

It also provides ample space for around 94 crew members who ensure that every need of the passengers is met promptly.

Features of this yacht include a movie theatre, a library, a business centre, a fully equipped gym, a spa, and an array of salons and event spaces.

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Photo: @kammak_77

Al Salamah Yacht Specifications

MY Al Salamah was constructed in 1999 by German shipyard HDW in cooperation with Mariotti Yachts. At her launch, she was one of the largest yachts in the world.

The yacht measures 139.3 meters (457 ft) in length, with a beam of 18.5 meters (60.7 ft) and a draft of 4.65 meters (15.3 ft).

Al Salamah is powered by two MTU engines, allowing her to achieve a top speed of 21 knots.

Al Salamah Yacht Exterior

The exterior of Al Salamah was designed by Terence Disdale, a renowned British designer famous for his luxurious and elegant designs.

The exterior boasts a classical and timeless design, with a steel hull and aluminum superstructure, complete with a graceful white line.

This superyacht features a helipad and a vast range of deck spaces that are perfect for relaxation and entertainment.

Al Salamah Yacht Price

The Al Salamah yacht, given her size and luxurious amenities, has an estimated value in the hundreds of millions of dollars. However, the exact cost remains confidential.

Yearly operating costs for such a vessel can range in the tens of millions of dollars.

Al Salamah Yacht Owner

The late Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia was the original owner of the Al Salamah yacht. However, the vessel has since changed hands, and the identity of the current owner remains undisclosed.

Al Salamah Yacht Amenities

Designed with an array of luxurious amenities, the Al Salamah yacht offers a well-equipped hospital, a fully functional movie theatre, a library, and a business center.

Fitness enthusiasts can benefit from a fully equipped gym and a spacious spa area.

Guests can also enjoy numerous salons and gathering spaces that are perfect for hosting events or simply relaxing. The Al Salamah also includes several large suites to offer a comfortable stay for guests onboard.

The yacht has extensive deck spaces that include areas for sunbathing and lounging, as well as a sizeable swimming pool.

Moreover, with a helipad on the deck, guests can conveniently fly in and out from the yacht, adding an extra layer of luxury to their experience.

Al Salamah Yacht Layout

The Al Salamah yacht can accommodate up to 40 guests across several lavish suites.

The rooms are spread across the yacht’s several decks, ensuring a spacious and luxurious stay for all guests onboard.

Besides, the yacht also provides space for a substantial crew of 94 members. These crew cabins are located below the deck and are designed to ensure the crew’s comfort while they ensure a smooth experience for the guests.

The Al Salamah yacht can achieve a top speed of 21 knots, thanks to her two MTU engines. The yacht also boasts an impressive cruising range, making her ideal for long voyages and exploring various locations around the globe.

She often cruises in the waters of the Mediterranean and has been spotted in several popular yachting hotspots.

Al Salamah Yacht Legacy

The Al Salamah yacht holds a significant place in yachting history. Upon her launch in 1999, she was one of the largest and most impressive superyachts in the world, setting a high bar for luxury yachting.

Although the yacht has changed ownership since then, she still maintains her majestic presence and remains one of the most iconic superyachts to grace the seas. The Al Salamah’s blend of luxury, elegance, and power truly makes her a masterpiece in the world of yachting.

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